Super Basins 14: Adroit use of Attributes/AVO from Exploration 3D

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Friday, February 17, 2023

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Amplitude vs Offset talk by Patrick Connolly
Patrick Connolly
Patrick Connolly Associates

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Talk Description
Amplitude analysis can add an extra dimension to seismic interpretation in reducing uncertainty on

prospect risk and reservoir characterisation. AVO (amplitude variation with offset) allows the

construction of images that can highlight different aspects of the subsurface. Subsequent amplitude

inversion can directly estimate reservoir properties. As data quality and algorithms improve and

with better cross-discipline integration, quantitative interpretation has an increasing role to play.

Amplitude interpretation is inherently uncertain, and results are always ambiguous to some extent.

To deal with the integration of disparate data with varying levels of uncertainty, Bayesian methods

are increasingly employed within the workflow. Processes to directly estimate facies probabilities

from seismic data now commonly make use of a Bayesian framework. This allows geological

understanding of the reservoir, no matter how uncertain, to be integrated as prior information.

Seismic interpretation, however, remains a contact sport; there are too many unknowns always to

allow optimum parameters to be calculated and results will be ambiguous to some extent.

Interpreters must use their judgement throughout the process. This requires examination of the

data in the form of an image that can provide geological context. The seismic image remains


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