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Finding Oil in Atlantic Basins

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Play fairway mapping in the North Atlantic Margin, comparison between mature and immature basins

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Joanne Cranswick
LR Senergy

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Talk Description
Exploration has been conducted in the North Sea basins for 50 years. The results of which are a mature, productive hydrocarbon province.

Seismic acquisition and drilling have generated a large amount of geological data much of which has entered the public domain, including several thousand released wells. Outside the North Sea, the Faroe-Shetland, Slyne-Erris and Celtic Sea basins together with the Norwegian Haltenbank area, also contain major oil and gas fields, but are less intensively explored than the North Sea. They form an immature hydrocarbon province extending more than 2500 km along the North Atlantic margin.

This talk aims to explain how we can adapt the highly successful play fairway mapping techniques applied to the mature North Sea province to the immature regions of the North Atlantic Frontier.

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