Monitoring of Offshore CO2 Storage Sites - How can we be really sure that it is staying there.

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Friday, April 21, 2023

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Monitoring of Offshore CO2 Storage Sites – How can we be really sure that it is staying there
Robert Hines

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Talk Description
Ensuring that CO2 injected into underground formations remains there seems like quite a simple problem to solve. We can image and monitor it in the storage formation, then if it comes to the surface we can detect it with various chemical and acoustic sensors.

As we start to unpack these approaches we quickly find that they are fraught with uncertainties. Many things can look like abnormal behaviour, will this mean that there is a leak and how can we be certain of the data. We find ourselves in the position of having to prove a negative, when it is very much in our interest to do so.

This gives an extremely high burden of proof in a regulatory environment that puts the responsibility onto the operator to prove best practice. This talk will examine the methods that can be used to ensure containment and conformity of CO2 stored offshore. In using layered data from multiple sources a high degree of confidence can be achieved and how operators can leverage this confidence to adapt their operations as injection continues.

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