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CO2 storage - and opportunities for geoscientists

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Video Presentation

Geological Storage of CO2: A New Role for Exploration Geoscientists
Geovani Christopher
Halliburton Landmark

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Talk Description
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In most CCS operators, storage and CO2 plume assessments are often placed under the responsibility of the company's production team (production geologists and reservoir engineers) based on the assumption that the CO2 operation is a reservoir scale operation requiring the same skills as E&P production.

This talk argues that, especially for saline aquifer storage opportunities, the mindset of the exploration geoscientist is required to successfully generate CO2 storage assessments and plan injection operations. The key skills the explorationist can bring include dealing with data scarcity, generating seal assessment (not purely focusing on the reservoir flow units), CO2 fluid flow dynamics that are more analogous to hydrocarbon migration than production, the importance of geological heterogeneities (facies & structures), creative thinking and management of uncertainty.

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