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Super Basins 11- The Caribbean

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Friday, November 4, 2022

Video Presentation

South-Eastern Caribbean Exploration Opportunities
Jeniffer Masi
Geoex MCG

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Talk Description
.During 2018 and 2019, Geoex MCG acquired the Caribbean Atlantic Margin Deep Imaging seismic survey (CAMDI). This survey consists of 16,443 km MC2D long offset and deep records seismic data. This transnational survey continuously covers acreage across the maritime borders of Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, and St. Vincent. The survey was originally designed in two grids. The Regional Grid is meant to provide a better understanding of the regional tectonic framework of the different basins along the Southeastern Caribbean and Western Atlantic Margin of Northeast South America. The Detailed Grid, offshore Trinidad & Tobago, and Grenada, is designed to provide more detail, to outline potential prospects and tying the producing areas in Trinidad & Tobago to the underexplored deeper part of the Tobago Trough. The CAMDI survey can be combined with Barbados Survey acquired in 2012/2013 by Geoex MCG, to outline potential prospects in Barbados. The Barbados Survey is comprising 6,837 km of long-offset 2D seismic data over a 14 x 14 km and 7 x 7 km prospect grid, covering the Barbados Trough, the Tobago Basin and crosses the Barbados Ridge. All the components for successful exploration are present offshore Southeastern Caribbean, Including several trapping configurations: channels, rollover structures and anticlines. An integrated interpretation of both CAMDI and Barbados MC2D surveys have led to the identification of multiple prospects. These prospects are expected to be charged by the La Luna formation (or its regional equivalent). Structural and stratigraphic traps have been mapped out and Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI’s) can be observed in connection with many of these traps.

The Southeastern Caribbean area is an excellent exploration opportunity, with only a few exploration wells are drilled in this vast untested area. Several world class leads have been identified with the using both Geoex MCG surveys: CAMDI and Barbados. Good quality offshore reservoirs appear in the data, optimizing the ‘below-ground risk’. Meanwhile, regional Governments have created an exploration environment optimizing the ‘above-ground risk’.

The Government of Barbados recently announced the schedule for their Offshore Licensing round. In addition, the Government of Trinidad & Tobago has recently also published the expected blocks on offer for Competitive Bidding in Q4 2022.

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