Webinar: Reducing gas flaring - monetising gas instead - understanding what is possible

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Friday, June 30, 2023

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Flaring - No Hiding Place!
David Bamford
Future Energy Partners Ltd

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Talk Description
Satellite images, typically from VIIRS sensors, have appeared in public to demonstrate the scale of flaring in countries such as Russia, Iran and Venezuela.
What is less well known is the amount of flaring in the US onshore basins, for example the Permian Basin, offshore in the UKCS, and onshore UK.

These areas will be illustrated using data from Terrabotics, revealing the surprising extent of the practice of flaring, and giving the lie to suggestions that flaring is somehow being reduced (a confirmation of the World Bank view that globally the volume has been flatlining for several years).

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Q&A followed by Close no later than 1415

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by Paul Harrington from GORE® Surveys

"Surprised by the quality of the presentations - all very thought provoking. The networking opportunity was also excellent and I now have 3-4 good leads as investment opportunities. Keep up the quality and relevance."

John Weston, Thalweg Energy Ltd.


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