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Super Basins 2: Giant Fields of the World

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Friday, October 22, 2021

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Paradigm shifts gleaned from AAPG’s update GIS Giant Fields database over the last 20 years require some new thinking.

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John Dolson
DSP Geosciences and Associates, LLC

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Talk Description
What are the drivers behind finding ultra-deep oil and high quality reservoirs, hydrocarbons over oceanic crust, and hydrodynamic modifications in over-pressured settings?

I have a lot of materials and will focus on the ‘paradigm shifts’ in the last 20 years and end with a series of questions that need more thought like:

What are the factors a
llowing progressively deeper drilling (up to 10 Km below mudline) and still finding oil, condensate and high quality reservoirs?
How/why are we finding more giants over oceanic or greatly thinned continental crust?
How important is it to study (or even recognize) the impact of upward basin hydrodynamic flow on tilting hydrocarbon/water contacts, or completely flushing prospective traps?

As to what it takes to find a new Super Basin?

I think we have to go back to the basics in a lot of countries with under-explored basins (like Ethiopia’s Ogaden, for example, where we at Delonex had a huge deep play based on geochemical and biostratigraphic work on known gasses and source rocks which demonstrated the know fields were not sourced by anything remotely envisioned by prior workers). The ‘little guys’ are making these breakthroughs in thinking, not the majors. I think this is an enormously difficult thing to do and end up being successful at.

But perhaps Guyana and the Starbeoek trend is an example; certainly sub-salt Santos was, and I tried hard to get BP in there in 2003, but they waited too long and studied it another 3 times before the first big discovery.

So there must be some more out there!

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