Super Basins 8: Could offshore Namibia be an Advantaged, Sustainable, Super Basin?

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Friday, May 20, 2022

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Namibia needs to act now to regulate its offshore industry and ensure maximum benefit for the people of Namibia and Africa
NJ Ayuk
African Energy Chamber

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Talk Description
"Commenting on the Graff-1 discovery (prior to the Venus-1 result) we believe Namibia’s government must now take steps to develop an oil and gas bill to ensure effective regulation and provide certainty to investors. “The establishment and implementation of market-driven policies through an oil and gas bill,” the Chamber added, “will have a number of benefits, both for explorers and producers and the country itself. Firstly, the bill will improve certainty and transparency across the industry, providing IOCs and domestic companies clarity with regards to industry procedures and policies. This will ensure productivity while reducing time taken to get projects off the ground. Secondly, the bill will enable the regulation of the industry, providing clarity on tax, risk, ownership and safety, as well as environmental and local content policies.”

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