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Cost Reduction in This Era

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Friday, June 5, 2015

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The Outsourced Exploration Department (OExD)

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Mark Enfield

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Talk Description
Mark will discuss how PDF has built an innovative Outsourced Exploration Department® (OExD®) model that provides strategic partnerships with oil/gas exploration companies to help them expand or develop through transformative events, building upon a solid foundation of geoscience expertise. These strategic partnerships are an outsourcing of the core exploration function of smaller and growing exploration companies under an innovative outsourcing contract model. Outsourcing exploration is a ‘third way’ in resourcing the exploration companies’ technical and project management requirements – and varies in significant aspects from the more traditional models of building a team of in-house staff or relying on hiring consultants. He will discuss how the Outsourced Exploration Department® approach brings significant benefits and provides growing companies with a ready-made, scalable and full spectrum exploration department that allows capacity to drive growth. He will show how the OExD® approach brings not just cost-effectiveness, but also fully integrated and focused technical expertise and the best aspects of exploration management, flexibility to scale resource allocation in line with evolving corporate needs and a highly loyal and aligned team that through the long-term nature of the OExD® relationship safeguards corporate memory and data.

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