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Upcoming Events at this venue

Super Basins 5: There are two in the U.K., the North Sea and West of Shetlands 04 Feb 2022
Procurement emissions 11 Feb 2022
Advantaged gas 25 Feb 2022

Past Events at this venue

Geothermal energy 4 - developments in the UK 21 Jan 2022
Super Basins 4: Guyana & Suriname case study 26 Nov 2021
Super Basins 3: Petroleum Systems 12 Nov 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: The Key to reducing GHG Emissions? Actual Measurements!! 29 Oct 2021
Super Basins 2: Giant Fields of the World 22 Oct 2021
Geothermal Energy Case Studies 1: Exploiting newly abandoned or late-life E&P wells 15 Oct 2021
Super Basins 1: Advantaged Exploration, Advantaged Hydrocarbons 08 Oct 2021
No more sluggish computer networks in oil and gas exploration 17 Sep 2021
Walking the Talk on Methane Emissions? 23 Jul 2021
Building Southern Africa E&Ps 16 Jul 2021
Building a Geothermal Energy business 09 Jul 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Geothermal Success 28 May 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: How can we responsibly source more gas in Southern Africa? 21 May 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Is Offshore South Africa an emerging 'Super Basin'? 30 Apr 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Where are the 'Advantaged Hydrocarbons'? 12 Mar 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Has CCS finally come of age? 05 Mar 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Remote operations and digital twins - making them work in practise 26 Feb 2021
Managing emissions data in the supply chain 24 Feb 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Eliminating Methane Emissions & Flaring 19 Feb 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: Monitoring & Regulation of Methane Emissions 12 Feb 2021
Lunch'n Think Webinar: W(h)ither Exploration 05 Feb 2021
Responsible Investment in Future Energy 04 Dec 2020
How to Digitalise Exploration and Operations 25 Nov 2020
Safety in Action - online 'immersive' learning 22 Jun 2020
Safety Leadership - online 'immersive' learning 01 Jun 2020

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EOR economics: what works and what doesn't
by Oswald Clint from Bernstein Research

"I really enjoyed the Adrok presentation."


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