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Shell + Wendy Schmidt support oil spill cleanup equipment competition

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shell has announced that it is a supporting partner of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge, a global competition to develop the most effective oil spill cleanup equipment.

Wendy Schmidt is wife of Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. The Schmidt Family Foundation "strives to advance the development of clean energy and support the wiser use of natural resources."

Shell is paying for the technological components of the competition and has promised to help bring winning technologies to market.

10 finalists have already been announced, and they are testing their designs between July 22 and Sept 30 at the National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility (OHMSETT) in New Jersey, the largest outdoor saltwater wave/tow tank facility in North America.

There are 2 teams from Norway, 2 from Finland, 1 from Netherlands, and 5 from the US - (California/Nevada, Illinois, Washington state, Florida).

All teams except for one (Vor-Tek from California/Nevada) already work with the industry to provide oil spill response equipment.

Peter Velez, global emergency response manager at Shell, is on the judging panel.

The winner will be the system which can recover oil and sea surface the most quickly and efficiently.

The team with the highest oil recovery rate and highest oil recovery efficiency will get $1m first prize; second place will get $300k and third place $100k.
The winner must have oil recovery rate of over 2,500 gallons per minute (GMP) and recovery efficiency of over 70 per cent.

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