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Mark Enfield

P.D.F. Limited (An EPI group company)


Mark is Managing Director of P.D.F. Limited, a successful exploration consultancy with a >20 year track record in helping E&P companies succeed in exploration, operations, new ventures and corporate development. PDF are currently highly active in Africa and Central/Eastern Europe.

Mark is an experienced explorationist and has a PhD in structural geology from Imperial College, London, UK. He started in the oil industry with Maxus Energy, firstly in London and then in Dallas, Texas where he worked on global New Ventures, exploration & operations and development projects. Mark founded PDF as an exploration consultancy in 1994 and since then has worked extensively on projects in Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, the North Sea, Indian sub-continent, Madagascar, South American fold thrust belts and the near East, as well as 'unconventional' projects in several continents.

PDF is based in South Oxfordshire, UK and is organised as a full spectrum exploration department, assisting its clients with their exploration / operatorship / new ventures / portfolio management and corporate development needs. PDF has a twin-track approach, operating as the Outsourced Exploration Department® (OExD®) under strategic partnership agreements for particular companies and also working on specific specialist projects for clients in a more traditional consultancy role - especially in areas of its particular specialisations: regional assessments, play fairway analysis, fold-thrust belt exploration / interpretation of tectonically complex areas & difficult data sets, sequence stratigraphy & sedimentology, thermal maturity & charge modelling and assessment of continuous resource plays.
Mark is also proud to be a PESGB Young Professionals mentor.


P.D.F. Limited (The Outsourced Exploration Department®) (OExD®)
PDF are an established international oil and gas exploration geoscience consultancy, with a focus on quality and carefully tailoring their technical work and advice to the specific needs of clients. Based near Oxford, UK, PDF are known for their commitment and reliability and typically work together with clients over longer relationship durations.
Over the past 10+ years PDF have worked in several strategic partnerships (as the Outsourced Exploration Department® (OExD®)) with oil/gas exploration companies to help them develop through transformative events (built on a solid foundation of geoscience expertise) such as identifying opportunities and acquiring acreage, developing prospects to drill-ready stage and building prospect & lead inventories, farm-outs, initial public offering, mergers & acquisitions. PDF are a highly discreet consultancy and the identities of their clients/projects are generally held confidential. However, their 21 year track-record has a Client-base that includes the largest super-majors through to medium and small cap E&P companies to small, private E&P companies and governments.
PDF comprise an experienced multi-disciplinary team with a successful track record in New Ventures, Exploration and Operations (acting as Operator) projects. PDF strongly favour utilising a coordinated and focused play fairway approach to exploration. Each project is bespoke - individually tailored to target work to focus on managing individual exploration risk elements. PDF's broad and diverse experience includes specific depth of experience in Africa, Central & Eastern Europe & Western Europe. PDF also have extensive experience & expertise in unconventional reservoirs (continuous resource plays) and have worked in 15 separate basins on 35+ different reservoirs ranging from the Lower Palaeozoic to Tertiary.

Managing Director

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