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Sofia Khan

Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc.


Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc. believes that introducing a breakthrough, advanced seismic imaging technology will contribute to the industry's quest for finding petroleum reserves.

To achieve that goal, Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc. has introduced a new method of hydrocarbon detection that can be used by any operator for improved results to enhance geoscientific information obtained by state-of-the-art methods utilized today. This patented technology will reduce the cost of exploration and improve the success of the drilling results in the following ways:

1. This technology will help in identifying stratigraphic traps in sandstones and subtle geologic traps created by secondary porosity due to diagenesis in carbonate reservoirs.
2. In spite of all the efforts we've made, it's still a challenge to identify and locate the sweet spots in fractured reservoirs. The orientation of the fractured reservoirs can be identified due to higher sensitivity of the nonlinear attribute imaging to map porosity created by the swarms of fractures.
3. Nonlinear seismic imaging is more suitable for time lapse seismic to monitor the changes in the reservoir rocks during fluid injection processes due to its higher sensitivity for mapping the fluids, such as CO2 during EOR.
4. Nonlinear seismic will enable us to better define the flow model of the reservoir rocks using downhole seismic in the existing and producing fields.
5. Nonlinear seismic will help to lessen the cost in acquiring seismic data because it will reduce the need to use shear wave recording and reduce the density of the seismic coverage.
6. Direct hydrocarbon indication.

We suggest you try implementing this method when you plan your next seismic program. The risk vs. reward is in our favor. The cost of implementation is so minimal: existing Vibroseis equipment and seismic processing software can be used. Nonlinear Seismic Imaging technology contributes to increased production from the existing fields. It will also achieve a higher success ratio in areas where the geology is complex, where chances are that hydrocarbons are in fractured reservoirs, stratigraphic traps or isolated sands that cannot be mapped using the current technology.

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Sofia Khan

President and CEO

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