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Super Basins 15: Exploration Opportunities in the Caribbean
....coming thick and fast!
Webinar, 24 Feb 2023


Super Basins 14: Adroit use of Attributes/AVO from Exploration 3D
Lunch'n Learn....what does it look like?
Webinar, 17 Feb 2023


Developments with CCS / H2 hubs in North America
Alberta, DAC, Corpus Christi - hubs are an exciting concept in getting CCS, DAC and hydrogen moving
Webinar, 08 Feb 2023


Super Basins 12: The 'Top 10' Source Rocks?
Lunch'n Learn.....where in the World?
Webinar, 27 Jan 2023


Super Basins 11- The Caribbean
two new exploration Frontiers?
Webinar, 04 Nov 2022


Super Basins 10: Petroleum Systems of the Middle East
Lunch'n Learn...will there be a Middle East 2.0 for petroleum?
Webinar, 07 Oct 2022


Videos online

Super Basins 9 - Has East and Southern Africa's time come?
Yes, Breakthrough Moments!
Webinar, 29 Sep 2022


Videos online

Commercialising Direct Air Capture

Webinar, 22 Sep 2022


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Super Basins 8: Could offshore Namibia be an Advantaged, Sustainable, Super Basin?
....given confirmed exploration success, developments need careful thought!
Webinar, 24 Jun 2022


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CO2 storage - and opportunities for geoscientists
Why exploration geophysical workflows are appropriate for CO2 storage
London, 18 May 2022


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Ziebel Distributed Sensing: Reservoir Live!
by Hans Kristian Hegland from Ziebel AS

"Developing understanding of unfamiliar technologies."

Mike Rego


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