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Lunch'n Think Webinar: Has CCS finally come of age?
.....there is much activity everywhere!
Webinar, 05 Mar 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Remote operations and digital twins - making them work in practise
"Digital Twins" are a key enabler of Remote Operations
Webinar, 26 Feb 2021


Managing emissions data in the supply chain
Joint event with PIDX and Digital Energy Journal
Webinar, 24 Feb 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Eliminating Methane Emissions & Flaring
....elimination is not a technical problem, the issue is getting into action!
Webinar, 19 Feb 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Monitoring & Regulation of Methane Emissions
....the technology tools exist to monitor & measure and thus regulate Methane Emissions.
Webinar, 12 Feb 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: W(h)ither Exploration
....the demise of Exploration is over reported!
Webinar, 05 Feb 2021


Responsible Investment in Future Energy
What satisfies ESG investors - and can such a business work for E&Ps?
Webinar, 04 Dec 2020


How to Digitalise Exploration and Operations
Where are the most interesting digital technology advances?
Webinar, 25 Nov 2020


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100 years of Exploration in Kurdistan!
by David Bamford from Finding Petroleum

"Interesting mix, and talks, good networking with ex colleagues in the industry."


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