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No more sluggish computer networks in oil and gas exploration
Making home and offshore computer networks run faster
Webinar, 17 Sep 2021


Walking the Talk on Methane Emissions? Obfuscation a key skill for some Majors and E&Ps?
Webinar, 23 Jul 2021


Building Southern Africa E&Ps
based on oil or gas or both?
Webinar, 16 Jul 2021


Building a Geothermal Energy business
….to what extent can a 'geothermal business' yield good economic returns?
Webinar, 09 Jul 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Geothermal Success
Does geothermal energy offer opportunities for geologists?
Webinar, 28 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: How can we responsibly source more gas in Southern Africa? our Brave New World, gas developments must be low cost, low carbon, high ESG - all 3!!
Webinar, 21 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Is Offshore South Africa an emerging 'Super Basin'?
.....will the region join Offshore Mocambique as a 'Super Basin'?
Webinar, 30 Apr 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Where are the 'Advantaged Hydrocarbons'?
....easier to say where they are not!
Webinar, 12 Mar 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Has CCS finally come of age?
.....there is much activity everywhere!
Webinar, 05 Mar 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Remote operations and digital twins - making them work in practise
"Digital Twins" are a key enabler of Remote Operations
Webinar, 26 Feb 2021


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Getting a better understanding of your reservoir - through advances in high performance data management technology
by Jay Hollingsworth from Oracle Corporation

"Interesting and informative pair of talks on the UAE."


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