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Responsible Investment in Future Energy
What satisfies ESG investors - and can such a business work for E&Ps?
Webinar, 04 Dec 2020


How to Digitalise Exploration and Operations
Where are the most interesting digital technology advances?
Webinar, 25 Nov 2020


Safety Leadership - online 'immersive' learning
management systems, leadership, culture and risk management
Webinar, 01 Jun 2020


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Responsible Investment in Oil & Gas
...the result of clear purpose and sustainable operating
London, 06 Dec 2019


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How to digitalise exploration and operations
ML on satellite imagery, warning equipment failure, supply chain digital tech, information overload
London, 13 Nov 2019


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Finding Oil in Central & South America
Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina
London, 28 Oct 2019


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How to digitalise exploration
Many oil companies are looking for more 'digital' in their exploration - how is it actually done?
Kuala Lumpur, 02 Oct 2019


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Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
Energean, PGS, TGS and Macgeology - reviewing opporunities post Zohr
London, 20 Sep 2019


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A Case Study on Using WITSML to Bring Geological Information to Your Desktop
by Samit Sengupta from

"Introduction and continuity of theme - relative diversity of the (sales) talks - extended question time where necessary."


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