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Super Basins 12: The 'Top 10' Source Rocks?
Lunch'n Learn.....where in the World?
Webinar, 27 Jan 2023


Super Basins 11- The Caribbean
two new exploration Frontiers?
Webinar, 04 Nov 2022


Super Basins 10: Petroleum Systems of the Middle East
Lunch'n Learn...will there be a Middle East 2.0 for petroleum?
Webinar, 07 Oct 2022


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Super Basins 9 - Has East and Southern Africa's time come?
Yes, Breakthrough Moments!
Webinar, 29 Sep 2022


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Commercialising Direct Air Capture

Webinar, 22 Sep 2022


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Super Basins 8: Could offshore Namibia be an Advantaged, Sustainable, Super Basin?
....given confirmed exploration success, developments need careful thought!
Webinar, 24 Jun 2022


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CO2 storage - and opportunities for geoscientists
Why exploration geophysical workflows are appropriate for CO2 storage
London, 18 May 2022


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Super Basins 7: Guyana again!
....losing Advantage by virtue of FLARING?
Webinar, 22 Apr 2022


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Super Basins 6: let's find gas, lots of it!
....encouraging countries to pursue domestic exploration for gas
Webinar, 25 Mar 2022


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Procurement emissions
How do we make it easier to count and report them?
Webinar, 11 Feb 2022


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Better ways to manage catalogues
by Kelly Babbit from jCatalog Software

"The huge amount of data on Iran and Kurdistan very interesting."


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