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Gas opportunities in the southern Caribbean
.....petroleum, especially gas, to power the West Indies!
Webinar, 08 Mar 2024


Developments with US carbon capture and storage
A company planning CO2 storage in 7 states - and the move away from unabated coal power
Webinar, 22 Feb 2024


Explore onshore Southern Africa - not just deep, deep, water!
.......will help mitigate 'energy poverty' more than more and more dep water!
Webinar, 09 Feb 2024


Better ways to model and improve emissions performance of a facility
Performance analysis - visualisation
Webinar, 08 Dec 2023


W(h)ither Global Exploration?
…we seem to be at a critical moment, where should we look for new opportunities?
Webinar, 01 Dec 2023


Better ways to sense oil and gas methane emissions - satelilte and airborne
.......and feeding data into companies' emissions management systems
Webinar, 17 Nov 2023


Videos online

Benchmarking your emissions against others - and how Norway and the UK compare
How digital technology can help us understand our position relative to others
Webinar, 20 Oct 2023


Videos online

Better ways to gather Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions data
Supplier data, equipment data, emissions from processes
Webinar, 13 Oct 2023


Videos online

CO2 storage opportunities in Eastern Canada
Can Eastern Canada do as much with CCS as the West (Calgary / Saskatchewan)?
Webinar, 04 Oct 2023


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Experiences from a virtual simulator environment
by Eric Cayeux from International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS)

"The well-planned order of the high quality presentations, which followed a logical flow, allowing speakers to build directly on what was said in previous talks, greatly enhancing the overall value."

Christian Bukovics (Cygnus Energy Ltd)


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