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Finding Petroleum is where the petroleum industry finds its pathway forward.

The upstream oil and gas industry is starting to spend again, but looking like it will end up looking very different to how it was before the crash. The big service companies are adapting to a very different role and mode of operation, the majors are leaving the North Sea, everywhere money is being pushed further, and environmental concerns are bigger. The industry is finding a different place in the world.

Exploration spending is coming back even slower than spending on production / operations services. Most people think an increase is inevitable, as the lack of exploration spending up to now leads to tightening in oil supply. Digital technology is being more and more widely used but in different ways to how it was expected. Probably less AI and automated systems, but more hard work making systems which give people the data they are looking for.

This is the story we tell – and explore – with our Finding Petroleum forums. We have events in London on 3 themes – regional exploration, technology and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The regional exploration events look at developments with exploration in key parts of the world, which we see as the Eastern Mediterranean, Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South America.

The technology events look at key technology developments which we see as geophysics technology, digital technology in exploration and digital technology in operations, as well as how digital technology is being applied as a project. We also look in depth at technology for fractured reservoirs.

The ESG events look at the growing investor interest in putting money in companies which score better on environmental, social, and governance factors. Issues such as CO2, employment, safety, other areas of environmental performance, corruption and CEO pay. CO2, from both emissions and use of the industry’s products, must be the biggest investor concern of this list.

If your company has products and services relevant to these topics, we believe we offer you a terrific opportunity to engage with your market, with a sponsored speaking slot at one of our events, which are attended by, among others, some of the world’s top geoscience and operations professionals.

In your sponsorship package, the physical talk is supported an online video of your talk, which will enable to you to reach a wider audience, and (in most cases) a written report of your talk which will reach an even wider audience. Our sponsorship offers include exhibition stands and online advertising. To discuss further, please contact Karl Jeffery, event producer, on

 Speaking at a Finding Petroleum forum isn’t for any vendor – our audiences don’t hold back from asking tough questions. But if that’s the kind of audience you like, then Finding Petroleum is for you.


For sponsorship enquiries please contact Karl Jeffery,, Tel 44 208 150 5292

Some of our event packages include:

Event Speaker

- an opportunity to address the audience at a Finding Petroleum forum. Typical slot length are 30 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.

EVENT REPORTS - to provide additional longer term value to our speakers, we produce a report from most of our events, with a detailed write-up of your talk, written by our resident journalist, Karl Jeffery, editor of Digital Energy Journal. Our event reports are typically downloaded 1000 times over the course of the following year, and remain on our website as a long term resource. See more here

VIDEOS - all of our events are video recorded, and with your permission, we post the videos and slides on our website after the event, for free download to visitors of the Finding Petroleum website. See videos of our past events, see the links within the agenda of the event pages in our past event archive.

Other Benefits Of Being a Featured Speaker:

  • Raises your personal and corporate profile through the invaluable exposure you will receive in the conference brochures & marketing collateral distributed to promote the event
  • Creates new connections and also gives you access to an invaluable source of new clients, suppliers and strategic partners
  • Have an influence on and demonstrate your commitment to your industry
  • Gain recognition as an expert in your field
  • Network with other professionals and senior executives
  • Fulfill your personal continuing education goals
  • Be associated with a quality, senior level educational event and work with highly experienced conference developers

Event Sponsorship

With various options available to sponsor our events such as:

  • Tea Break or Lunch Break sponsorship Mention
  • Raffle Sponsorship

Exhibition Stands

We have a number of well placed exhibiting stands which allow for a point of enhanced communication within the intimate atmosphere we carefully maintain at all our events.

Website Banner Adverts

Proper business branding and strategic ad placement on the Finding Petroleum website will significantly help create improved top-of-mind-awareness for your products/services, while establishing credibility with your affiliation as an advertising member of the Finding Petroleum community.

All event sponsors, speakers and exhibitors receive:

  • Mention in our email updates
  • A detailed description in our printed programs
  • Exposure on our website viewed by in excess of 10,000 exclusive members.

To learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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"Networking in the tea and lunch break."


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