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Lunch'n Think Webinar: Is Offshore South Africa an emerging 'Super Basin'?

.....will the region join Offshore Mocambique as a 'Super Basin'?

Webinar, 30 Apr 2021

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Chevron   -   CNOOC   -   Geoko   -   Geoseismix   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   Independent Consultant/Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exolorationists UK/EUROPE COORDINATOR   -   JBL Energy   -   Lir Resources / Consultant   -   MPP-Energy   -   New Age   -   PetroMall   -   PetroSA   -   R Herbert Associates   -   Sasol Petroleum   -   Shell   -   Shikra Consulting   -   SUN Group   -   TGS   -   The Oxford Consultancy Group   -   Victoria Oil & Gas   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   New Age Ltd   -   R Herbert Associates   -   A T Kearney   -  
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Lunch'n Think Webinar: Optimum Developments Offshore our Brave New World, developments must be both low cost and low carbon!
Webinar, 07 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Geothermal Success in the Karoo of Zambia (and South Africa)
....why is Geothermal Energy neglected in the region?
Webinar, 14 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Unconventionals in Southern Africa there a globally significant gas volume available onshore in the region?
Webinar, 21 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Working with the local population
...too many companies cannot deliver 'on the ground' what they preach corporately!
Webinar, 28 May 2021


Lunch'n Think Webinar: Decarbonising Industrial Clusters in Southern Africa
...does the UK Government's initiative 'Decarbonising UK's Industrial Clusters' point a way forward?
Webinar, 11 Jun 2021


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Practical Integration of Broadband Gravity (FTG) and Seismic Data
by Claire Husband from ARKeX

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