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Super Basins #1: Advantaged Exploration, Advantaged Hydrocarbons

....thinking about them leads you in the direction of Super Basins!

Webinar, 08 Oct 2021

Mike Simmons
» Halliburton Technology Fellow for Geosciences
» Halliburton

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Afentra   -   Buried Hill   -   Caithness Petroleum Limited   -   Chevron   -   Consultant   -   Delta Energy Limited   -   Geoko   -   Harbour Energy   -   Hurricane Energy   -   IFP school   -   Impact Oil & Gas   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   Independent Consultant/Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exolorationists UK/EUROPE COORDINATOR   -   Irbis Energy   -   JAPEX   -   JUC   -   Lir Resources / Consultant   -   Lir Resources .   -   Monitor Exploration Limited   -   Naftogaz   -   New Age   -   Perenco   -   PetroMall   -   Philax (UK)   -   Premier OilHalliburton   -   CGG   -   Geoko Ltd   -   IHS Markit   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   Lindback Energy   -   Pinnacle Energy Limited   -   Perenco   -   Petrofac   -   PGS   -   Caithness Petroleum Limited   -   RPS Energy   -   IHSMARKIT   -   Harbour Energy   -   Shell   -   Afentra   -   Fairway Exploration   -   JAPEX   -   Logstor   -   TJGX Ltd/CNOOC   -   Shearwater Geoservices   -   Consulting Geoscience   -   MPP-Energy   -   R Herbert Associates   -   Irbis Energy Ltd   -   Hurricane Energy plc   -   SAS Institute   -  
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Geothermal Energy Case Studies #1: Exploiting newly abandoned or late-life E&P wells
....a sustainable alternative to P&A-ing and walking away!
Webinar, 15 Oct 2021


Super Basins #2: Giant Fields of the World
....Giant Fields define Super Basins; Super Basins are the home for Giant Fields!
Webinar, 22 Oct 2021


The Key to reducing GHG Emissions? Actual Measurements!!
....beginning with ground-based and worn(on PPE) sensors.
Webinar, 29 Oct 2021


Super Basins #3: Petroleum Systems
....understanding Petroleum Systems is how we'll find the next Super Basins!
Webinar, 12 Nov 2021


Super Basins #4: Guyana & Suriname case study
....the latest 'Giant Fields' "Super basin" offers lessons as to how to find more of them!
Webinar, 26 Nov 2021


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Improving MRO inventory management
by Rick Magnuson from Asset Management Services LLC (an ASCI company)

"In general it was very good. Quality of presentations was above expectation, mainly after attending the Decom North Sea conference two weeks ago."


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