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Improving offshore safety - beyond Macondo

Is EU regulation for the North Sea good news?
Martin Shaw
» managing director
» Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd
Taf Powell
» Adviser, Offshore Regulation
» European Commission

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012
The Geological Society

Our free conference in London on May 22nd enables you to keep up to date with the most important regulatory, practise and technology developments with offshore safety since the Macondo disaster.

Topics covered include EU plans for offshore safety regulation / directives; management of procedures; getting procedures off the page and onto the front line; training people to work out what to do in a crisis when there are no procedures; and using 3D modelling for training, practising and developing safety procedures.

If people already have as many rules as they can handle, will increasing the regulatory / procedures burden lead to a decrease in safety - or make it harder for smaller companies to participate in offshore operations?


Martin Shaw, managing director of Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd, and a past fleet manager and Technical Vice President, BP Shipping, Safety, Health, Marine and Engineering

Taf Powell, adviser offshore regulation, European Commission, a past director of the UK HSE's Offshore Division, and leader of the UK government's investigation into Buncefield explorations)

Mike Hogan, senior consultant with crisis management training consultant Link Associates, and a past head of global PR with Shell (1996 to 2003, covering both the Brent Spa debate and Ken Saro-Wiwa)

Steve Prast, founder and managing director of EOS Solutions of Detroit, a company which has developed 3D simulation models for ExxonMobil, Shell, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and GE Energy

Rod Thonger, special projects director with RPS Energy, and a founder of Thonger Safety Associates, an oil and gas health and safety consultancy acquired by RPS in 2005.

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9:00 Arrivals and Registration
9:30 David Bamford - Director
Finding Petroleum

Welcome & Introduction

David Bamford is well known around the oil & gas industry both as an explorer and a geophysicist. He holds a Physics degree from the University of Bristol and a Ph.D in Geological Sciences from the University of Birmingham.

Since 2004, he has been a non-executive director at Tullow Oil plc, being recruited for this position especially for his exploration knowledge. He serves on the Nominations and Remuneration Committees, and was chairman of the latter, and Senior Independent Director, for 3 years prior to his retire from the board at the end of April 2014.

He was on the board of Premier Oil from May 2014 to May 2016.

He retired from BP plc in 2003, his last four positions being Chief Geophysicist (1990-1995), Business Unit Leader (General Manager) for first West Africa and then Norway (1995-1999), and finally Head of Exploration until 2003.

He has served on the boards of Paras Ltd, a small exploration and IS/IT consulting company in which he held 22% equity, until its sale to RPS Energy in 2008 and Welltec a/s, a Danish well engineering company, as the nominee of the private equity investor Riverside.

From 2012 to 201 he was on the board of ASX-quoted Australia Oriental Energy as a non-executive director.

He was a founder of Richmond Energy Partners, a small oil & gas research house, and several media companies that focus on the oil & gas sector, and has served as an advisor to Alliance Bernstein, Opus Executive, the Parkmead Group plc, and Kimmeridge Energy LLP. Since retiring from BP, he has undertaken asset and company valuation projects for investment banks, hedge funds and small oil companies.

Finding Petroleum
Finding Petroleum was established to help the oil and gas industry network, and stay up to date on t
9:40 Martin Shaw - managing director
Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd

Safety lessons from maritime operations, especially tankers

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Martin Shaw is ex VP technical, fleet manager and vetting service manager, BP Shipping.:

· 37 years with BP 3 years consulting on marine operations and marine assurance
· In addition to involvement in tanker operations substantial involvement in the offshore sector
· As an officer on Iolair while building and into service as well as on PSV’s
· Involved with FPSO projects in Australia ( Cossack Pioneer) and West of Shetland ( bought Loch Rannoch shuttle tanker for Schiehallion)
· Involved in buying the Project Jigsaw Regional Support Vessels
· As Regional Director EMEA and TVP involved with Angola, Skarv, GoM
· Developed , negotiated, and gained approval for the Group Marine Standard which amongst other things covers the marine elements of FPSO’s. The standard is still in place in more or less its original form today.

Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd
MOAMS,Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions, is a different type of consultancy. MOAM
10:15 Rod Thonger - Special Projects Director
RPS Energy

Macondo viewed from 2 years on

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Talk Description
The causes and effects of the Macondo well and the roles played by all the parties are known, and the share of blame is being slowly and painfully fought through the courts. What seems clear is that the event followed a common 'bow-tie' type pattern. Weaknesses in the system allowed there to be the single event of high pressure, high temperature gas escaping, followed by the explosion and weakness in systems to restrict the results.

The risks of major incidents are increasing as wells are drilled in deeper water, equipment becomes more complex, and reservoirs with higher pressures and weaker formations are broached. In reports to date we find the finger being firmly pointed at the culture of safety, and the attitudes of cost cutting and risk taking, so there is work to do. Following the Macondo event, the European Commission showed readiness to introduce legislation that would impinge on the combined efforts of operators, unions and regulators to find the best solutions to their activities. Strong representation has been able to influence these intentions, but as I write the Elgin gas blow out, in our own back yard, can only increase the possibility of a more restrictive regime.

The Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) in its report of March 2011 identified the need for Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) and Best Available and Safest Technology (BAST) as matters for the US legislators to address. There are also statements about enhancing the safety culture of the organisations. This is more like the regime we are used to in the UK. It is certainly true that legislation is not enough; good operators will make their own standards that go much further, poor operators will see them as a necessary evil. The good companies have developed techniques for getting the standards and attitudes off the page and up to the front line of handling the equipment. This is why the culture is so important, and how much of an effect an experienced and knowledgeable HSE advisor can contribute. Techniques such as behavioural attitudes to safety, the 'soon certain and positive' trigger points and nudge theory all have a part to play alongside quality engineering and operating procedures. And now we wait to see where the legislators on both sides of the Atlantic will take us.
RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the
10:50 Coffee & tea
11:15 Steve Prast - Founder and Managing Partner
EOS Solutions

Safety by Simulation!

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Mr. Prast is the Founder and Managing Partner of EOS Solutions, LLC, where he has overseen the Company’s growth into a global leader in 4D simulation modeling and 3D visualization technologies. As one of the world’s foremost experts in discrete event simulation software and systems modeling, he has led a number of major 4D simulation projects for clients in the oil and gas, aerospace and defense industries. During nearly two decades of work in the engineering and software development sector, Mr. Prast held senior positions with Dassault Systemes, General Motors and managed a global service and implementation business. He holds a B.S. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

EOS Solutions
EOS Solutions, LLC uses 4D simulation and 3D visualization technology to neutralize the financial ri
11:50 Mike Hogan - senior consultant
LINK Associates

Sustainable Reputation Management

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Talk Description
Don't let a Crisis turn into a Disaster!
After an initial career as a journalist with the London Financial Times and economics reporter with the BBC (including editing the famous ‘Panorama’ program), Mike Hogan joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers as head of European media relations, then joined Shell as head of global public relations.

During his time at Shell, 1996 to 2003, Shell ended up involved in two very challenging public debates, how to dispose of Brent Spa, and pollution in the Niger delta, with events leading to the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa by the Nigerian government.

Since working at Shell, Mr Hogan has also led a master’s degree in international public relations and crisis management at Cardiff Business School, Wales.

LINK Associates
Established in 1986, and with corporate centres in the UK, today we deliver an unrivalled training a
12:25 Taf Powell - Adviser, Offshore Regulation
European Commission

Facing the Challenge of the Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities

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Talk Description
Introducing the European Commission proposal for regulation of offshore safety and environmental protection...............
Taf Powell is in the European Commission as an expert to advise the Commission in its programme for an offshore Regulation. He is from the UK where previously he was Director of HSE's Offshore Division, joining HSE from industry to work on the post Piper Alpha reforms and between 2006 and 2008 led the Government's independent investigation into the Buncefield explosions and fires.

European Commission
The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union. The body is responsible for pro
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IT security on a greenfield offshore development
by Phil Jones from GDF Suez

"Listening to the wide range of presentations - as an upstream explorer I relish all types of interdisciplinary inputs."

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