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Safety Leadership - online 'immersive' learning

management systems, leadership, culture and risk management

Monday, June 1, 2020

Greg Coleman, former CEO of oil operator Canamens and global head of HSSE with BP, will be running a four session online "HSE refresher" course for FP members. It is designed both as a refresher course for HSE professionals and a course for oil and gas professionals from other domains seeking to expand their knowledge.

There will be four x two hour lectures / workshops online at 5pm via Zoom, covering management systems, leadership, culture and risk management

Monday June 8 fundamentals of HSE management systems, and HSE overview in the Middle East
Wed June 10 - HSE leadership and systems
Friday June 12 - HSE culture
Monday June 15 - Risk management

Tickets are £150 + VAT if you register before May 15, then ticket price rises to £200.

A video from Greg about the course is online here.

Enquiries - please e-mail Karl Jeffery on

Please note - the course will be cancelled and fees refunded if it does not attract a minimum of 10 participants.

No cancellations will be accepted after the first workshop.

This course is operated by Greg's company Petromall - Finding Petroleum's involvement is a sales agent

Some background on Greg Coleman:

A Registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Canada

"I have extensive international experience after over 40 years in the industry. I have experience in both International Oil Companies (Amoco and BP) and start-up companies having co-founded and built Canamens Ltd which had a very successful portfolio in the North Sea, Morocco and Kazakhstan.

Today, operating entities are likely thinking about the impact of the energy transition, the use of artificial intelligence and data management to achieve a sustainable world class operation. Stakeholder engagement and risk management will likely be a key to the success of any operational organisation. I believe I have demonstrated through my career that I do live these issues and have successfully embraced them in all of my roles from being an operations engineer in remote Canada, project manager in offshore operations in Venezuela and Norway to corporate level policy and standard setting in BP Group.

I have been and continue to be a committed health, safety and environment (HSE) professional with wide ranging experience in operational risk management roles in BP and industry. As the Global Head of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) for 5 years from 2001 to 2006, I led numerous risk, safety and environmental initiatives in BP and across industry. BP was and remains the leader in road safety where I led the development of a road safety standard which dramatically reduced road safety incidents in BP. Subsequently this standard was adopted by the Industry Association (IOGP). Oil spill response and crisis management were key elements of my role and have been a continuous priority for me during my career as an operations engineer, project manager and corporate crisis response leader. We developed a systematic approach to monitoring performance indicators in HSSE which were then used to establish Board level targets and risk management actions. The BP Board’s Risk Committee received regular updates on the Company’s HSSE risk management led by me.

HSE leadership in any institution starts at the top, led by the Board and the executive management. Suppliers and contractors follow the lead of the clients and will follow their lead if risk management is seen to be the top priority. In quarterly performance reviews with BP, Canamens and Echo contractors, risk management was always given the highest priority during my tenure and the results speak for themselves whether this was with waste management contractors, regulators or community stakeholders.

I led the due diligence and transition planning for BP’s approach to HSSE to one of our main Joint Ventures- TNK-BP. The performance of TNK-BP dramatically improved as evidenced by a reduction in work force related fatalities from well over 90 per year to less than 10 per year in 2 years. Environmental performance significantly improved with enhanced incident response systems and oil spill and emissions reduction plans developed and implemented. That experience was also transferred in one of my consulting assignments to another major Russian operating oil company. They have also achieved a significant improvement in their risk management activities.


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