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North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel
Andrew Lodge
» Principal
» StrategicFit
Greg Coleman
» Independent Resources Plc
Arthur Snell
» Managing Director, Intelligence
» Protection Group International

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Monday, December 12, 2016
The Geological Society

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They vary in scale but every country along the southern edge of the Mediterranean has an oil & gas industry – from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, to Egypt, Israel, Lebanon (and Cyprus).

And the maturity varies too, from rank exploration to gas development projects to mature oil production.

As assets each is interesting in its own right, and we welcome presentations on them.

There is also a question as to whether there is any regional theme other than geography and, arguably, politics?

Note: This event continues from our past Africa events held in:

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9:30 Andrew Lodge - Principal

Welcome & Introduction

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Andrew is now a Principal at StrategicFit and a Non-Executive Director at Egdon Resources.

Previously, he joined Premier Oil plc’s Board as Exploration Director in April 2009 from Hess where he was Vice President, Exploration, responsible for Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australia for nine years. Prior to that, he was Vice President, Exploration, Asset Manager and Group Exploration Advisor for BHP Petroleum, based in London and Australia. Prior to joining BHP Petroleum, Andrew worked for BP as a geophysicist. He has an honours degree in Mining Geology from the University of Wales and a Masters in Applied Geophysics from the University of Leeds. He is a fellow of the Geological Society.

He retired from Premier Oil in June 2015.

StrategicFit is a strategy consulting firm specialising in the upstream oil and gas industry.
9:50 Greg Coleman - CEO
Independent Resources Plc

Morocco to Egypt overview - and the case for regional consolidation

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Independent Resources plc is an AIM quoted company with expertise in the geology of, and operations
10:25 Arthur Snell - Managing Director, Intelligence
Protection Group International

The political, security and regulatory landscape across North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean

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Talk Description
Arthur will speak about the current political, security and regulatory landscape across North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. In a period of particular uncertainty and instability in this region, his talk will include Algeria’s looming succession crisis, Libya’s struggle for political stability and Egypt under Sisi. He will also assess the ongoing threat of Islamic State and the persistent presence of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. The newer markets of Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus provide a contrasting perspective, as does Morocco and Tunisia, where the challenges relate less to security and more to understanding the regulatory and contracting landscapes.
Arthur was in the UK’s foreign service for 16 years in a variety of intelligence and diplomatic roles. This work took him to some of the world’s most challenging environments including Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. From 2011-2014 he was Britain’s Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago where he worked to support a range of major UK oil and gas companies as well as other significant inward investors. Since 2014 Arthur has worked in the business intelligence industry, managing a range of complex projects for extractives, multinationals and financial services clients. A published expert on international security and policy issues, Arthur has first class degrees from the universities of Oxford and London.

Protection Group International
PGI is a privately owned UK business offering integrated, intelligence-led risk management solutions
11:00 Coffee & Tea; Exhibits, followed by: EGYPT
11:20 Øystein Lie - Project Manager MC Middle East and CIS

Exploration opportunity offshore Egypt

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Graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with a MSc. in Exploration Geophysics in 1998. Employed by PGS and has worked in different positions. Started in the Data Processing department in 1999 and moved into the MultiClient department in 2007. Currently he is Project Manager for the Middle East and CIS group based in the headquarters of PGS in Oslo. Øystein has been involved in and developed projects in Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt.

PGS is a leading, international, marine geophysical company. Our business is technology driven and w
11:55 Neil Hodgson - VP geoscience
Searcher Seismic

A sight for Zohr-eyes – the search for the next North African carbonate super-giant

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Neil Hodgson is VP Searcher Seismic, a company which provides high quality exploration data and leading edge tech to the global exploration industries. He is formerly executive VP geoscience with Spectrum ASA, and exploration manager at Matra Petroleum, Premier Oil and GB Group.

Searcher Seismic
Searcher provides high quality exploration data and leading edge tech to the global exploration indu
12:30 Lunch & Exhibits, followed by OFFSHORE
13:00 Alex Birch-Hawkins - Interpretation Geophysicist

Israel: Seeing Deeper - Imaging new play concepts sub-salt following Clari-Fi Broadband reprocessing

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Talk Description
TGS have recently completed the PSTM reprocessing of the Israel 2001 2D Seismic survey. Significant uplift in data quality from 15 years technological advances will be demonstrated through vintage and current seismic displays.

This has enabled a much better image of the deeper section which has brought in to focus more play concepts and better trap definition in both proven and the potential new plays. This talk will highlight the improvements and explore new geological thinking in the Levant Basin.
An Interpretation Geophysicist with six years' experience in the oil and gas industry; specialist in 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, play fairway analysis, prospect generation, depth conversion, volumetrics, well log analysis and AVO analysis. Alex has worked on multi-client and proprietary projects for international operators, seismic survey acquisition planning and late sales. Project areas include mature and frontier basins across Africa, NW Europe, the Americas and Oceania

TGS is the world's largest geoscience data company, known for its asset-light, multi-client business
13:35 Sigrun Stanton - Regional Geoscientist
Landmark Exploration Insights

An investigation into the Cenozoic fault timing along the North African offshore margin: Implications for the prediction of offshore plays

Talk Description
To date, exploration success along the offshore North African margin has been highly variable, with major successes largely limited to the Tunisian and Libyan Pelagian province in the 1970s and the more recent offshore and deep-water gas discoveries of the Levant and Nile Delta basins. A few smaller finds have been made in the offshore of western Morocco and north-eastern Libya, but further exploration has frequently led to failure elsewhere. Nevertheless, since ENI’s Zohr discovery in 2015, there has been a renewed interest in the offshore North African margin, attracting potential future investment in the deeper water areas and offshore frontier basins.

Much of this variability in exploration success is driven by a heterogeneous and complex structural history between the western, central, and eastern Mediterranean basins, leading to difficulties in the prediction and assessment of play types. The importance of understanding the tectonic history of the Mediterranean is therefore essential when considering the future exploration potential of this margin.

Reconstructing the geodynamic context and establishing the relative timing of associated structural events can be used to predict the presence and timing of the various play elements and plays that may be present in the underexplored and frontier offshore basins, as well as providing potential new plays in mature basins. Exploration risk can also be reduced, by highlighting areas where structural events have had an adverse or positive effect on the petroleum system.
Landmark Exploration Insights (formerly Neftex), is a product family within Landmark, a business lin
14:10 Simon Baer - Project Geoscientist

New emerging plays in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Talk Description
The Eastern Mediterranean is a significant hydrocarbon province where many of the gas discoveries are biogenic in origin. The recent giant “Zohr” discovery highlighted the regional potential in carbonates and anticipated license rounds in 2017 has further increased interest and focus on Lebanon, Cyprus and West Egypt. Indications for the existence of analogues to the “Zohr play” are present throughout the region and many areas remain significantly under-explored despite adjacent blocks being extensively explored and bearing notable amounts of proven hydrocarbon reserves.
Simon holds a Master of Science with specialization in applied geophysics from RWTH Aachen, Germany and wrote his Master’s Thesis at the Schlumberger Research Center in Stavanger, Norway. Simon is also an alumnus of the University of Cape Town, South Africa where he gained a Bsc (Hon.) in geology. Simon joined the PGS Reservoir department in 2011. In the previous two years he has worked exclusively with Eastern Mediterranean geology focusing primarily on west Egypt, Lebanon and Cyprus.

PGS is a leading, international, marine geophysical company. Our business is technology driven and w
14:45 Raffle Prize: Close

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