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Developments with subsurface data

Finding better ways to work with subsurface data
Jay Hollingsworth
» Director - Oil and Gas Industry Business Unit at Oracle
» Oracle Corporation
Mitch Sutherland
» UK manager
» Blueback Reservoir
Craig Beebee
» Global Data Management Practice
» Halliburton Landmark

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Aberdeen Marriott Hotel

If it is your job to help your company manage and get more out of its reservoirs, our conference is designed for you. To help you work out ways to make your company's data work harder.

You've heard about the dream of a fully integrated data system for subsurface, including all exploration data, well data and models, with everybody working on the same data set.

Is this dream still worth working towards - and how much do new super-powerful database systems (such as Oracle's Exadata and Teradata's own database) make it easier to achieve?

Hear ideas about how other companies get better at managing data about their reservoirs.

Meet colleagues from other companies who work with subsurface data.

Find ways to manage reservoir data which are simpler, cheaper and potentially better.

If you think it might be possible to do better with how we manage subsurface data, register now for the conference.

This is our second conference on subsurface data management, following the first event we held in London on April 20 2011, which attracted delegates from BP, Centrica, EOG Resources, Perenco, RPS Energy, SASOL and Schlumberger among others. (See photos from that event).


Integrating subsurface data
We are still a long way from being able to integrate all of the available subsurface data into one model - if it is to include all types of seismic (including passive seismic, microseismic, permanent monitoring); well and production data; gravity and electromagnetics. How can this be accelerated?

High performance data management + cloud
We have new computer and database tools coming onto the market which can process and move large amounts of data much faster. What implications does this have on subsurface data management, in terms of making it faster to process data, making it easier to move data around the company (including remote access), making it easier to integrate data, allowing larger reservoir models, and making it easier for geologists to work on their models in the airport? Are companies willing to commit the budgets required to purchase such systems?


9:30 Jay Hollingsworth - Director - Oil and Gas Industry Business Unit at Oracle
Oracle Corporation

Getting a better understanding of your reservoir - through advances in high performance data management technology

Jay Hollingsworth is Director - Oil and Gas Industry Business Unit at Oracle; Board of Directors Member at PPDM Association; Technical Representative at POSC/Energistics.

He was previously Seabed Architect / Portfolio Manager at Schlumberger Information Solutions
Principal Data Architect at Schlumberger Information Solutions; and Consulting Data Architect at Landmark Graphics

Oracle Corporation
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware syste
10:00 Tim Hollis - Studio Champion

Studio - the Multiuser Database for Petrel

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Talk Description
For many years "Petrel" and "Data Management" were like oil and water - managing Petrel projects was often a case of disk space damage limitation. Not any more.

With Studio Knowledge - the database for Petrel - users now have the security of a multi-user database, a single source for their data, giving them the freedom and confidence to release their data into the Data Management workflow.

Finding data, sharing data and collaborating together is easy -across multiple co-ordinate reference systems (CRS), across multiple units of measurement, across multiple locations - transforming the user's Petrel experience from the "one-project, one-user" scenario, to user's sharing a single data source, capturing not just data but Knowledge, enabling more productive users workflows, giving secure and easy access to your Knowledge and sharing and collaborating for faster decision making.

Petrel E&P Software Platform helps increase reservoir performance by improving asset team productivity. Geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers can develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations to streamline processes.

Studio is a knowledge centric collaboration environment - providing SIS application users a whole new level of productivity and knowledge management for petrotechnical data through a scalable solution which is valuable from small teams of users to the largest enterprise. The collaboration, knowledge management and personalization capabilities of Studio are integrated into the petrotechnical desktop applications such as Petrel to ensure seamless scalable awareness and access to key insight, information and results.
Tim Hollis is the Studio Champion for Schlumberger Information Solutions based in Aberdeen. Tim has been involved in Information Management in the oil industry for the past 10 years working in London, The Netherlands and Aberdeen. Tim has worked on client site performing day to day seismic and well data management, worked on several large data migration projects, and managed various onsite services for multiple clients. Tim is now the Studio Champion for the UK responsible for Technical Sales of Studio - the Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Usability enhancements introduced with Petrel 2011.

Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and impr
10:30 Dr Duncan Irving - Practice Partner, oil and gas

Tackling the "Big Data" challenges in Upstream E&P: A review of approaches

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Talk Description
"Big Data" has become a convenient short-hand for the exponential growth of data volumes across many industry sectors. Upstream E&P has suffered from "Big Data" for longer than most, firstly in terms of the data volumes but more recently dealing with rapidly changing data and the need to bring complex analytical procedures to bear on it in an operational timeframe.

We present and discuss architectures that bring to bear the twin paradigms of massive knowledge discovery using MapReduce-based technologies and "operationalized" decision support using a massively parallel Relational Database Management System.

We explain how a single integrated data instance should drive rigorous geological, geophysical and engineering insight into right-time integrated operations generally, and short-interval time-lapse reservoir imaging specifically. We explain how we can incorporate this into production workflows to address, for example, HSE and reservoir injection objectives in hour-day timeframes.
Duncan Irving is the Oil & Gas Consulting Team Lead, EMEA & APAC with Teradata. Duncan joined Teradata from the University of Manchester where he instructed in geophysical interpretation and geocomputational methods for the last seven years. He was involved in consulting and research projects involving user interactions with massive subsurface datasets and more general upstream data management, and he continues to maintain research links as an honorary lecturer. One long term project was with Teradata and he drove the development of Teradata's capabilities in the Upstream Oil and Gas area. This time provided him with a deep understanding of the capabilities of Teradata and how they can best be used in the petroleum industry.
He is a geophysicist and also has a PhD in glacial geophysics and geotechnical engineering (why frozen ground moves faster during climate warming and how this affects infrastructure). Duncan lives in the hills outside Manchester with his wife and three children. He is a mountaineer, fell runner and is a card-carrying member of the CAMpaign for Real Ale.

Teradata is the world's largest company solely focused on creating enterprise agility through databa
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Tyson Bridger -

Extending Field Life and Addressing the Recovery Gap - The Growing Influence of Reservoir Modelling

Talk Description
With average global oil & gas recovery rates of just 22%, the smallest percentage improvements can have a huge impact on future oil & gas production and the bottom line. Oil & Gas Journal, for example, estimates that each additional 1% of oil recovered can replace up to three years of global oil consumption. Against this backdrop, reservoir modelling and its ability to map, understand and predict reservoir behavior is being viewed as a crucial tool in improving recovery rates.

In this presentation, Tyson Bridger will explain how recent innovations in reservoir modelling are making increased recovery rates a reality. Drawing upon examples from the Norwegian Continental Shelf where 50% recovery rates are the norm (and where many fields have adopted Roxar’s reservoir modeling solution RMS), Tyson will examine the crucial elements of reservoir modeling today. This will include the need to have a realistic representation of the underlying seismic data and handle complex geologies without simplification, through to the need to develop a seamless workflow which includes data acquisition, modeling, simulation and uncertainty management.

The result will be a vital new tool in addressing the recovery gap and extending the life of many fields.

Roxar is an international technology company supplying to the oil & gas industry. The company develo
12:00 Tony Klapcia - Enterprise Services Manager
Eurotech Computer Services Ltd

Creating a coherent and integrated model for managing subsurface data - Advances in information management for geoscientists

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Tony has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years in a variety of technical, business and management roles for some of the World’s leading technology innovators and Global services organisations.
At Eurotech he is tasked with looking at how advances in IT technology can be exploited and developed to help companies working in the Digital Oilfield arena get more benefits from new technology but retaining strict cost control.
Our objective is to use technology to allow better use and management of seismic data and to create solutions that allow not just faster processing of data but how to integrate it into a formal cross-boundary information structure to improve business decision making processes.

Eurotech Computer Services Ltd
Eurotech Computer Services has been providing solutions and services to the oil & gas industry on a
12:30 Panel discussion - for all morning speakers
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Mitch Sutherland - UK manager
Blueback Reservoir

Blueback Project Tracker – A Dedicated Data Management Tool for Petrel

Talk Description
With global growth in the use of the Schlumberger’s Petrel* seismic to simulation software over the last 10 years there has also been a growth in associated data management challenges.
With Petrel projects scattered around company networks, data managers face a real challenge monitoring and safeguarding this valuable data. This presentation will provide an overview of the real challenges faced by those trying to manage these Petrel project networks. It will also offer innovative solutions to the data managers, by leveraging existing technology and infrastructure for overseeing and protecting their entire Petrel project network.
Mitch graduated with a degree in Geology/Geography from the University of Glasgow in 1989 and has spent the last 22yrs working in the oil & gas industry.
Mitch’s early career was predominantly made up of technical G&G positions within E&P companies including BP, Enterprise Oil and BHP. After BHP, he moved to the service sector and held senior consultant and management positions with Landmark, Technoguide, Roxar and Blueback Reservoir.
Mitch is currently the UK Manager for Blueback Reservoir. He started Blueback’s UK office in 2008 and 5yrs later there are now 15 employees with a multi-million pound turnover and an excellent reputation for quality people & products.
Special interests include all aspects of 3D geomodeling and the running of two popular forums on the LinkedIn website – “The Geomodeling Network” and the “Petrel Plug-in Network”. The combined membership of both these groups is now approx 3,000 members. Mitch regulates both of these groups and writes newsletters on a semi-regular basis with topics ranging from data management, G&G workflows to new 3D geomodeling technologies.

Blueback Reservoir
Blueback Reservoir is a fast growing technology company specializing in providing consulting service
14:00 Hamish Strang - Software Developer

From hot prospect to brownfield - visualising the life of a reservoir

Talk Description
- A common subsurface database which can be used for drilling, stratigraphy and production
- Use the same database for exploration, brownfield monitoring, automated e-wellbook creation, integrated field reviews
Hamish has 27 years experience developing scientific software applications. He is numerate with a strong scientific background and has excellent project management skills and inter-disciplinary experience.
Ph.D. A Study of Star Formation within Turbulent Giant Molecular Clouds, York University, 1980 - 1983
B.Sc. Physical Sciences majoring in Physics (2.1), Robert Gordon Institute of Technology, 1976 - 1980

Senergy develops, markets and supports innovative technologies
including Interactive Petrophysic
14:30 Craig Beebee - Global Data Management Practice
Halliburton Landmark

The DecisionSpace® Platform: supporting cross domain solutions

Talk Description
Landmark’s goal is to enable more efficient E&P workflows to support our customer’s decision making process.

This presentation describes how the DecisionSpace® Platform supports collaborative workflows through the integration of your preferred applications and data within and across domains, from any vendor.

It simplifies the adoption of new technologies and workflows, such as next-generation earth modeling, basin scale exploration and production optimization through its complete and modular enterprise architecture. The foundation of any Platform is the data used by the applications.

This presentation will highlight the fundamental role the Landmark databases play in the DecisionSpace Platform and flexibility provided to connect to non-Landmark data sources.
Craig has over twenty years experience in the E&P Information Management domain. He has been with Landmark for six years in which time he has led the business development and project deployment of Information and Data Management services within the Landmark Digital Infrastructure group. Based in Leatherhead Craig is part of the global DI team and has responsibility for customers in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Halliburton Landmark
Halliburton Landmark, provides E&P professionals with software-driven lifecycle insights that genera
15:00 Event finishes - coffee

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Bridging Domains - Solution Workflows for Marginal Field Challenges
by Gordy Shanor from Schlumberger

"All the talks and David's comments were great. Very informative and well presented and interesting."


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