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New ideas for collaboration and the digital oilfield


Thursday, December 9, 2010
Inmarsat Conference Centre

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Speakers from Oracle, Microsoft, Energistics, Landmark, Digital Oilfield Solutions, Epsis, Smart Reasons, Fuse Information Management suggest new pathways for collaboration and the digital oilfield - ensuring people have the information they need at the right time.

* Standard IT architecture across the oil and gas industry
* Extensive use of data exchange standards
* Operators, service and equipment companies work together
* Third party advisory on drilling activities
* Drilling data streamed onto cellphones
* Improved visualisations for field development planning
* Improved visualistions for drilling and subsurface data
* Vast and accessible master data management systems
* Improved data infrastructure, including reliable downhole data and satelite communications

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9:25 Hamish Wilson - CEO & Founder

Chairman's introduction

Mr Wilson was previously founder and managing director of Paras Consulting, which was acquired by RPS Energy in October 2008. He worked as an exploration geologist at BP covering the North Sea, South East Asia and Alaska, and then became BP's project manager of corporate database development.


9:30 Julian Pickering - CEO
Geologix Systems Integration Ltd

Extracting business value from the Digital Oilfield

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Talk Description
Many players in the Oil and Gas business have invested in Digital Oilfield technology - some have committed very large sums of money. Unfortunately there have been several cases where the returns have failed to meet expectations, which has led to disillusionment. There is also the problem for smaller operators to justify the necessary investments in the first place. This presentation will examine the real benefits that can be achieved and review some of the failings that have hindered more widespread uptake. It will also look at a process that can lead to building a robust business case for the Digital Oilfield.

Dr Julian Pickering has a degree in Applied Physics from Brunel University, London and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, where he was a BP scholar. He has worked for BP for 32 years and has held major posts including the Head of Digital Technology for Global Drilling and Completions and the Head of the Field of the Future Facilities Programme. He left BP in March 2010 and set up his own company, Digital Oilfield Solutions, with partners in the United States of America. He has provided consultancy services to many large Oil and Gas companies and is a consultant to the Energistics Data Standards Organisation.

Geologix Systems Integration Ltd
Geologix has been a leading supplier, for more than 25 years, of software tools and data interpretat
10:00 Jan-Erik Nordtvedt - CEO

Experiences from implementing collaborative workflows across organizational boundaries

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Talk Description
While the first implementations of the Digital Oilfield were focused on a one-to-one connection between an operational site and a dedicated asset team, more complex and dynamic extended support networks are being introduced that allow to call in expertise in a flexible and ad-hoc manner. Mr. Nordtvedt will be speaking about experiences with implementing collaborative workflows across organizational boundaries with examples from a.o. Chevron and MI Swaco and from the running Integrated Operations in the High North Joint Industry Project involving 24 companies (incl. Statoil, ENI, Baker Hughes, ABB, Siemens, DNV, NOV, Petroleum Safety Authority of Norway and Epsis).
Jan-Erik Nordtvedt has more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, most of it connected with technology and technology company management, product commercialization and consulting. After beginning his career with Statoil, Jan-Erik has gained experience in academia (professor at the University of Bergen and Texas A&M University), research institutions (research adviser to Christian Michelsen Research and research director at the Rogaland Research Institute) and service companies (technical director at Petec Software & Services and manager integrated reservoir and production at Roxar). Since 2000, Jan-Erik has been involved in integrated operations, in the beginning by assessing the opportunities for operators, and currently in assisting operators and service providers to implement collaborative workflows by providing hardware and software tools along with the services needed to modernize their collaborative work environments.

Epsis provides modern technology and services for integrated operations within the oil and gas indus
10:30 Hossam Farid - Vice President, Oil & Gas Industries
Oracle Corporation

Upstream data management to create collaborative work environments

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Talk Description
integrating the multi-disciplinary operational activities

improving visibility of operational performance from both production and financial perspectives

assembling and presenting of all data/information about resources, processes and assets in a spatial context.
Leading Oracle’s portfolio in the Oil & Gas industries, Hossam focuses on driving business value strategies, complex solution development and partner relations into engagements with Oracle customers of Oil & Gas operators and contractors.

During his 18-years tenure at Oracle, Hossam has been instrumental in shaping the customer engagement model, with emphasis on strategic business gains, operational excellence and organizational readiness.

Prior to joining Oracle, Hossam enjoyed a professional career of over 10 years, in both operational and management capacities, working for upstream oilfield services and downstream refining companies.
He lived in Eastern and Western Europe, North America and the Middle East. He has also worked extensively with clients in Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Hossam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate in Management from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Oracle Corporation
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware syste
11:00 Howard Hughes - Technical Trainer

Introduction to Inmarsat

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Talk Description
Welcome to Inmarsat's headquarters building - what Inmarsat does in the oil and gas industry - what Inmarsat does in this building
Inmarsat has been at the forefront of mobile satellite services for over 31 years. They are recognis
11:10 Coffee break
11:40 Jerry Hubbard - President & CEO

Industry Collaboration for Open Standards

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Talk Description
Collaboration for open standards using the RESQML and PRODML work
Jerry is President & CEO of Energistics, the upstream industry's open data exchange standards consortium. He is responsible for overall operations, for delivering the adoption and deployment message for the Energistics standards portfolio, for increasing membership value, and for building the global user community. He also serves as the Corporate Treasurer. After the successful rebranding to Energistics in 2006, Jerry was instrumental in building membership from about 60 to the current 112 active corporate members representing a significant portion of the upstream oil and gas industry. He is also the Energistics Executive Sponsor for the National Data Repository Work and facilitates the Energistics Geophysics Special Interest Group.

Jerry's industry experience includes executive operations, business development, project management and pipeline construction assignments in Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas and the UK. He played a key role in the development and adoption of global e-business standards for the oil and gas industry serving as Director of the Standards & Guidelines Committee for the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange Subcommittee (PIDX) of the American Petroleum Institute. He was a founding member of the PIDX Europe Executive Committee and was on the steering committee of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC).

Jerry holds an MS degree in science management and a BS degree in natural resources from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Energistics is a not for profit organisation to help facilitate information sharing and business pro
12:10 Paul Nguyen - Industry Technology Strategist, Worldwide Oil & Gas Industry Unit

The Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture ((MURA) initiative

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Talk Description
For any given area of oil and gas work, products and solutions from different vendors need to work with one another to achieve the required business functionality. To reach this level of interoperability, Microsoft, along with its oil and gas industry partners, is leading the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture Initiative, an organized collaboration to develop a common upstream reference architecture as the “unifying language” for data integration and a force for productivity and integration in the industry. This foundational architecture will be designed and implemented by oil and gas solution providers, technology providers, systems integrators, and standards organizations with guidance from operators. As a result, engineers will have access to oilfield information based on their needs and without the constraints of individual solution products.
Paul Nguyen joined Microsoft in 1999 and is responsible for defining and developing an oil and gas technical architecture vision and long-term technology roadmap for Microsoft, shaping the company's technical strategy in these critical areas. He currently leads the development and organization of the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture Initiative, an effort by Microsoft and its industry partners to define and expand a common reference architecture as the "unifying language" and a force for productivity and integration in the oil and gas industry.

Prior to this role, Paul worked in the Microsoft Consulting Services division as an application development architect consultant. In this role, he applied his technical experience and deep industry knowledge to support many of Microsoft's strategic customers and partners in the oil and gas market with solution development and in setting development standards for their organizations.

Paul joined Microsoft after nine years developing computing platforms and upstream solutions for major oil and gas companies. Outside of the oil and gas industry, he has also held technical roles at the NASA Johnson Space Center designing hardware for the space shuttle's closed circuit television system (CCTV) and working in the mission control center on space shuttle telemetry processing systems. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from The University of Houston.

Oil and Gas industry solutions from Microsoft and its partners are based on the world's most cost-ef
12:40 Multiple -
Panel Discussion

Does the industry need a change in attitude to IT?

Talk Description
With Julian Pickering - director
Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd; Jan-Erik Nordtvedt - CEO, Epsis; Hossam Farid - Global Oil & Gas Industry Lead, Oracle Corporation; Jerry Hubbard - Chief Operating Officer, Energistics; Paul Nguyen - Industry Technology Strategist, Worldwide Oil & Gas Industry Unit
13:10 Lunch
14:00 Jane Wheelwright - Technical Application Specialist
Dynamic Graphics

New ways to bring together drilling and subsurface data - and how it can be utilised

Talk Description
Bringing drilling and subsurface data together is of huge benefit and often, surprisingly, not utilized. Traditionally the two domains are largely segregated with a great deal of time spent shuttling data between the drillers and subsurface personnel and, in particular, the drillers making no use of all relevant information when planning trajectories. The users of Dynamic Graphics' integrated approach have conservatively suggested an integrated workflow saves about 90% of time for a particular project.
Dynamic Graphics, Inc. partners with clients to solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, en
14:30 Torbjørn Forthun - CEO Kongsberg Drilling Management Solutions AS

Reconciling management ambitions with the opportunities and constraints of the digital oilfield.

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KONGSBERG is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high-technology systems and solut
15:00 Afternoon break
15:20 Ewan Whyte - Regional BDM for D&C Software Landmark - Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa
Halliburton Landmark

New ways to use visualisation to help work with drilling data

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Halliburton Landmark, provides E&P professionals with software-driven lifecycle insights that genera
15:50 David Holmes - Operations Director
FUSE Information Management

Making offshore - onshore integration work

David Holmes is operations director for FUSE Information Management. He was previously IM Practice Manager, Europe-Eurasia at Landmark, Halliburton.

FUSE Information Management
FUSE's XStreamlineTM solution help you break through these barriers by creating repeatable, collabor
16:10 Multiple -
Panel Discussion

Are we listening to the drilling department too much?

17:00 Drinks at The Fox until 7pm

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