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Real-time collaboration with nuVa for the digital oilfield

cereno, a specialist in communications, business conferencing and advanced collaboration technologies, is delighted to offer its flagship collaboration technology solution nuVa.

Collaborative working is essential in today's business world to ensure rapid flow of ideas and understanding. The traditional meeting is time-consuming, expensive, and is fast becoming environmentally unacceptable.

cereno's nuVa collaboration solution builds on people's natural way of working. nuVa's high quality audio/video communications and intuitive shared workspace allow multiple users to work together on documents and applications in real-time, irrespective of their geographical location. It incorporates a familiar pen interface for annotating and a standard keyboard for typing.

nuVa can also be used over Inmarsat BGAN and bandwidths as low as 64kbps for multi-party secure collaborations. In remote or hostile environments e.g. on an offshore oil platform, often the operations are highly complex. If the technology fails, costs may be incredibly high. nuVa helps to identify the issue far more quickly and accurately through its unique collaboration environment. Experts located globally can be connected using nuVa to fix and make decisions about a high cost problem, providing a ROI in hours.

Jocelyn Lomer - Managing Director

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