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Wireless Seismic, Inc. was founded in 2006 with a single purpose: to design and develop a wireless recording system that collects and transmits seismic data in real time. Today, Wireless seismic's second generation system - the RT System 2 - is a reality. In the seismic data acquisition system marketplace of conventional cable systems and new nodal cable-less systems, it is the only wireless system capable of scaling to 10,000 + channels that can make that claim.

Gary Jones - Chairman
Gary Jones joined Wireless Seismic's Board of Directors in 2010 after serving as President of WesternGeco, a division of Schlumberger, one of the world's largest geophysical contractors. He has also held a variety of other executive positions with Western Geophysical and Baker Hughes. Mr. Jones currently serves on the Board of Directors at Ingrain and has recently served as non-executive Chairman
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Roy Kligfield - CEO
Roy Kligfield has been our Chief Executive Officer since May 2006. Prior to joining Wireless Seismic, Mr. Kligfield served in senior management positions in seismic, wireless telecommunications and software industries including Geo-Logic Systems, SignalSoft and OpenLogic. He was formerly a Professor of Geology at the University of Colorado where he led research, teaching and industrial consortium
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Michael Lambert - President and Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Lambert joined Wireless Seismic in December 2010 after serving as President for Ikon Science Americas Inc. Before serving with Ikon, Mr. Lambert spent 16 years as President and CEO of GX Technology Corporation (GXT), building GXT into a top-tier provider of advanced subsurface imaging services and basin-scale, multi-client, seismic surveys. Mick's seismic experience before GXT included nine
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John Flavell Smith -

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