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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) began as the separation of back office processes, such as bill entry, document imaging, data processing and database management, from companies and assigning those activities to highly skilled, specialized direct data capture teams. Today, BPO is a strategic decision to empower an organization's operational structure, adding significant value to the back office, deeming it a key player for the future of the overall health and success of the business.

BPO experts at The DDC Group are craftsmen at selecting, tailoring and combining specific services from our list of back office capabilities custom-design solutions that guarantee effective, immediate results that exceed the expectations for all of our clientele, regardless of industry, organizational structure, location or language.

Most BPO vendors use primitive imaging components to scan and organize documents to then be placed before an entry operator, but this only increases reliance on the manual key routine most back offices are hoping to eradicate.
The DDC Group is re-inventing OCR and its associated services.

We leverage intelligent scanning, capture, hosting and validation technologies that go beyond elementary processing by removing manual data entry from the equation entirely. By combining the newest innovations on the market with our decades of experience and global reach, we equip you with strategic, knowledge-intensive solutions that deliver long-term health and profitability for the future of your organization.

Simon Bates - Project Advisor and Manager
Simon guides clients and colleagues towards successful Knowledge Process Outsourcing services provided by The DDC Group. DDC is a BPO specialist helping businesses across numerous disciplines improve access to the data they rely on through large-scale, bespoke document and data conversions. Simon’s former employers include Lason and Saztec (R.I.P.). He has 25 years' experience working with the won
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