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TGS is the world's largest geoscience data company, known for its asset-light, multi-client business model and global data library. Our primary business is to provide geoscience data to energy companies worldwide. We offer extensive global libraries that include seismic data, magnetic and gravity data, multibeam and coring data, digital well logs and production data. Additionally, the company offers advanced processing and imaging services, interpretation products and data integration solutions.

Roberta Masotti - Senior Geophysicist
Roberta is a Senior Geophysicist with almost 20 years’ experience gained in research and consulting for leading oil and gas operators. Often working in multidisciplinary teams Roberta has been actively involved in exploration, development and production geophysics, principally on the UK and Norwegian Continental Shelf. Some of these projects comprised seismic interpretation for prospect identific
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Ben Sayers - Project Developer
Ben is a petroleum geologist with over 10 years upstream industry experience. He has been focussed on Africa for the majority of his career with recent focus on the North West Atlantic Margin.
Ben has an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience from Royal Holloway and a BSc in Geography & GIS from University of Greenwich; previously employed for a Moroccan-based operator Ben now works for TGS and is based
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Chris Corona - Director of Latin America

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Simon Bowen - Geophysicist

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Alex Birch-Hawkins - Interpretation Geophysicist
An Interpretation Geophysicist with six years' experience in the oil and gas industry; specialist in 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, play fairway analysis, prospect generation, depth conversion, volumetrics, well log analysis and AVO analysis. Alex has worked on multi-client and proprietary projects for international operators, seismic survey acquisition planning and late sales. Project areas in
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Nick Tranter -

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Felicia Winter - Interpretation Geophysicist/Potential Field Analyst
With a background in potential field data analysis and interpretation gained during various offshore expeditions with the Polar and Marine Research Institute 'Alfred-Wegener-Institute Bremerhaven' (Germany) Felicia has worked the past 5 years in TGS’ Geotechnical Interpretation team, before she joined the Africa and Middle East group. TGS now extensively incorporates gravity and magnetic crustal m
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