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Spectrum is established as a key player in the seismic services market. The company focuses on delivering high-quality Multi-Client seismic data and holds the world's largest 2D offshore library.

Spectrum is among the seismic industry's fastest growing companies. The Spectrum group provides innovative Multi-Client seismic surveys and high quality Seismic Imaging services to the global oil and gas industry from offices in the USA, Norway, UK, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Graham Mayhew - Executive Vice President of Africa Business Unit
Graham has 30 years’ experience in the seismic industry, having previously worked for Western Geophysical, Cogniseis, Landmark and WesternGeco in various managerial roles. During the last 14 years Graham has been focusing his efforts on developing new ventures and the Multi-Client business in Africa for WesternGeco where his last role was Multi-Client manager for Europe and Africa. Graham’s curren
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Jake Berryman - Exploration Advisor

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Dr. Anongporn Intawong - Team Leader Geoscientist

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Speaker from -

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Hannah Kearns - geoscientist

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Have sponsored the following events

Opportunities in Mature Provinces and Super Basins
New ideas to develop small pools, get more production from large reservoirs, reduce cost of producing
25 Jun 2019

Finding Petroleum Opportunities In The Middle East
changing business landscape available to investors and small / medium oil and gas companies
25 Jun 2019

Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa
Offshore exploration potential / source rocks, Guinea Basin petroleum systems, Outeniqua - and ESG!
24 May 2019

Finding Petroleum in East Africa
Where are the biggest business opportunities and challenges now?
25 Feb 2019

Finding Oil in Central & South America
Developing the industry the right way in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
29 Oct 2018

Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
How can the industry be developed across Lebanon, Malta, Egypt, Greece, Israel
20 Sep 2018

Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa
Building on the success of Kosmos, Tullow and more in West and East Africa
25 Jun 2018

Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa diversity, opportunity!
19 Sep 2017

Finding New Exploration Ideas
or should we just "give up"?
20 Sep 2016

Finding African Oil
What now for Africa?
25 Jan 2016

Opportunities and risks in the Middle East & the Levant
....Back to the Future, to find low cost oil?
20 Oct 2015

Finding Oil & Gas in Mexico
What are the opportunities for exploration and production in Mexico?
17 Sep 2015

Global Hotspots
...are we at a nodal point?
22 Apr 2014

Leading edge exploration in Africa
... invest in Africa!
26 Mar 2014

Global Hotspots - where can we find big oil & gas fields
Deepwater, increasingly Onshore....Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Kurdistan and more!
14 May 2013

North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean - an exploration "Spring"?
or are we headed into deepest "Winter"
12 Feb 2013

Finding Opportunities in Southern Africa
Reviewing the potential oil and gas industry in Southern Africa
09 Jan 2013

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The Carpathians
by Mark Enfield from Aurelian Oil & Gas

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