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South African Chamber of Commerce

The SA Chamber of Commerce is an umbrella organisation and conduit for trade, community and investment into and out of South Africa. The SACC aims to bring under one concerted effort, a forum and meeting point for businesses who have an interest in both the UK and South Africa in an attempt to facilitate the development of business opportunities.

Have sponsored the following events

Lunch'n Think Webinar: South Africa's new Petroleum Regulations
.....will impact any company already present in South Africa, or wishes to be there!
21 Apr 2021

Join 10,000 oil & gas professionals who attend our events and receive our newsletter.


How new developments in cableless land acquisition systems help to solve tough geophysical problems
by Bob Heath from iSeis

"The shale oil presentation."


We are planning a further webinars program for 2022 -
If you may have an interesting story to share, please contact
Karl Jeffery on