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SCCS is a partnership of The British Geological Survey, The University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. SCCS is the largest full-chain carbon capture & storage research grouping in the UK. SCCS builds on and extends the established world-class expertise in CO2 storage evaluation and injection, using petroleum and hydrocarbon geoscience (based on geology, geophysics, geo-engineering and subsurface fluid flow). This is augmented by industrial scale chemical engineering, next-generation carbon capture and innovative CO2 use, combined with rare expertise in power plant design and operation. The centre has the capacity for a full evaluation of business concepts and technology innovation appraisal. SCCS undertakes strategic fundamental research, and is also available for tactical consultancy. In addition, SCCS performs a key role in providing impartial advice to help industry, the public sector and policy makers.

Stuart Haszeldine - ScottishPower Professor of CCS, Director of SCCS

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Working with subsurface disciplines and proportionality
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