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Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy's Vision
"Transparency in the oil and gas business"

Who we are
Rystad Energy is an independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy consulting, and research products. Rystad Energy's headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

What we do
Rystad Energy provides services and products to E&P and oilfield service companies, investors, investment banks, and governments.
•Global databases - interactive, bottom-up, and up-to-date databases covering the industry
•Consulting services - providing support on strategy, transactions, market assessments, macro trends, etc.
•Research products - multi-client reports provided as strategy tools or market deep dives
•IT systems - transforming a third party's proprietary data to be accessed using Rystad Energy's deployment platform

Per Magnus Nysveen - Senior Partner and Head of Analysis
Per Magnus joined Rystad Energy in 2004 and is leading the analysis team. He has particular expertise as an upstream portfolio and transaction advisor as well as wide experience with financial and fiscal regimes globally. He is also responsible for evaluation analysis of unconventional activities and is in charge of the North American Shale Quarterly Report. Per Magnus has developed comprehensive
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Developments with unconventionals
Understanding the unconventionals opportunity in Europe
10 Oct 2012

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Geo-politics of the South China Sea region
by Ben Cahill from Energy Intelligence

"Exploration Insights."


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