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PETROLERN LLC is a leading-edge technology company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal and oil and gas projects. We conduct cutting edge R&D and execute global projects to increase our clients’ profitability yet minimizing their environmental footprint. Our green energy initiative begins with making the oil and gas industry greener by providing energy transition solutions. Our core competencies include: geomechanics, fluid mechanics, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, edge computing, and software development. We apply these skills to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, and production plus providing high-resolution subsurface monitoring. We pursue challenging projects where we can apply our innovative solutions and problem-solving skills.

Alan J Cohen - Director - Business Development & Partnerships
Internationally recognized executive and geoscientist, Dr. Alan J Cohen serves PETROLERN LLC as Director of technology partnerships and business development for geothermal, carbon storage, and oil and gas. He has over 35 years of experience in leadership and senior advisory positions in upstream oil and gas E&P operations, green energy solutions, R&D and technology maturation in the geosciences an
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Addressing the challenges of an extended supply chain
by Don Valentine from Absoft

"Listening to new methods of oil extraction such as Steam extraction using a high density (of horizontal wells PI/1000ft). Met the artist Alexandra McKenzie, whose work partly reminds me of Norwegian art on the walls in the NPD offices in Stavanger."

John Wood (Wood Geoscience Limited)


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