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Neuralog, Inc. was founded in 1991 to find creative solutions for problems in the petroleum industry through the application of advanced computer science technologies and client direction. Today Neuralog software solutions are recognized around the world as the best digitizing and exploration reconnaissance tools available. Currently, over 1000 customers in 70 countries use Neuralog products. These include majors, small independents, and many digitizing service centers. Neuralog has signed agreements with several of the world's largest computer-aided exploration software companies to be incorporated with, and enhance, their own software solutions.

Neuralog, Inc. is committed to remaining customer focused. Our staff trains and supports Neuralog users, providing service both before and after purchase. Neuralog understand that their success is tied to their customers' success and they strive to ensure both through excellent products and service. They are dedicated to maintaining their leadership in the field of paper to vector data capture and other cutting-edge products that enable the geoscientist to be more efficient and accurate.

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Facing the Challenge of the Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities
by Taf Powell from European Commission

"The focus on CSEM technology and the afternoon workshop."

Jim House (GeoSeis Ltd)


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