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As a Geophysical services company we pride ourselves on being purveyors of practical innovation.
Founded in 2003, our seismic imaging firm in Houston, Texas pioneered the use of microseismic monitoring, to listen to the naturally occurring, low-energy seismic noise emitted from a reservoir during hydraulic fracturing stimulation. Such reservoir monitoring allows an operator to directly detect patterns of fluid movement, fracture development or compaction-which ultimately enables improved reservoir management.
Our surface and near-surface geophone arrays monitor microseismic events in real time, providing viable access to unconventional gas shale plays in ways that conventional monitoring methods cannot. Our mapping and analysis expertise allow us to take the raw microseismic data obtained from these arrays to produce real-time, 3-D structural imaging of reservoirs based on naturally occurring sound sources.
Our technology enables seismic exploration in places that are difficult to reach or environmentally sensitive, and is allowing unconventional gas shale plays to quickly become reliable, and economically attractive, sources of energy.

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Welcome & Introduction
by David Bamford from New Eyes Exploration

"Timely and interesting look at a subject that is often not given enough attention."

Peter Dolan (Ikon Science Limited)


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