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Metizoft is among the worlds first and leading consulting companies with Green Passport/Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) solutions delivered to shipyards, owners, suppliers and recycling facilities.

Our goal is to give your company a green profile either you are a constructor or a ship owner.

We believe that it is possible to make shipping a green process, all the way from production and operation, to recirculation and scrapping of vessels. By achieving a Green Passport / IHM sertification you are taking responsibility for the global climate, and also giving the employees offshore a safer place to work. By taking actions today you will be more able and prepared to handle the conventions that will be put into force in near future.

Our innovative solutions and hands-on knowledge is what you need to handle the process of getting a Green Passport. If you already have one, you would probably soon take on the process of getting an IHM approval. Save yourself the time and the money by handing the responsibility to us - we know, you know.

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GORE® Amplified Geochemical ImagingSM - The advanced tool for derisking hydrocarbon exploration
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