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McKenzie Art

Alexandra McKenzie is resident artist for Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal and specialises in oil and gas, shipping and heavy engineering art.

You can see her work on the websites and programs for Finding Petroleum events and on the cover of Digital Energy Journal.

Limited edition artwork is available on sale at the Finding Petroleum event - including the artwork used on the current edition of Digital Energy Journal, available as a hand coloured lino print.

She is available for commissions, including for corporate offices, homes, banners and publications - as an interesting conversation piece or to develop interest in your products.

You can meet Alex at coffee time and lunch in the Geological Society library.

Have sponsored the following events

North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel
12 Dec 2016

Solving E&P problems with Machine Learning & Analytics
...the key to getting along at $60/bbl!!
21 Nov 2016

Finding Oil in Mexico and the Caribbean
What are the opportunities for exploration and production in Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean?
21 Oct 2016

Finding New Exploration Ideas
or should we just "give up"?
20 Sep 2016

Decommissioning - the D word!
...a problem or a big opportunity?
07 Jun 2016

Finding Petroleum Opportunities In Iran
There's plenty of oil in Iran, and gas too - but building a business is complex
19 May 2016

Transforming Subsurface Science!
Competitive advantage lies in applying new technologies not re-doing old ones!
18 Apr 2016

Finding & Exploiting new petroleum resources in Europe
The next phase of Exploration and Exploitation in Europe
10 Mar 2016

New Geophysical Technologies
Developments in seismic recording, gravity, electromagnetics
24 Feb 2016

Finding African Oil
What now for Africa?
25 Jan 2016

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A template based approach to deploying DOF
by Meyer Bengio from Schlumberger

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