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Core Value: Sustainability

With a must-have product that commands consistently superior value pricing and a community that creates customer loyalty, self-sustaining profit is the result.

Reduce harmful particulate and carbon emissions. Clean up the face of main street by doing away with the oceans of unsold cars baking in sun. Reduce engine noise inside and outside the vehicle for the sake of serenity.

Provide not just a defensive safer vehicle that can withstand greater impact than other vehicles in its class, but also an offensive safer vehicle whose nimbleness and technology make it an industry leader at avoiding accidents.


To innovate we must make. The future of our education, our jobs, our businesses, our industry, and our economy, hinges on the ability to innovate and it all starts with a rich community of people who have the resources, inspiration and opportunity to Make. This is especially the case in complex products that have many users and many suppliers. Using the newest high-bandwidth pathways to lubricate the communication between designers and makers will enable an entire new generation of innovators to

Traditional dealerships are plentiful and customers abound but true communities of owners are precious. From the physical world to the virtual world, treasure the company, the people, and the products that give our owners reason to make friends for life. For our owners, this is not just about transportation; it is about how they enjoy their freedom. A deeper relationship with customers may not increase the price, because while it increases the customer willingness to pay, it also increases the company willingness to share value, but a deeper relationship does increase resale value and brand loyalty.


With an aggressive pursuit of both form and function, build and source the most eye-catching, gut pleasing and functional products for personal mobility. This differentiation will command a higher price.

Everything you've dreamt of, nothing extra. This principle makes a product easier to service and less likely to break.

A car is the second largest purchase most people ever make in their lives. Treat them with the respect that their purchase deserves. Delight and exceed customer expectations. Pay for this with operational efficiencies born from a local manufacturing, sales, and service model. This has never been done before in the car industry so look for peers from other industry leaders (motorcycles, aircraft, component cars, beer). We are looking for an aspirational product delivered through a meaningful entertainment experience.


Local Motors team members exhibit a mix of qualities: Confidence to believe one is part of a team that stands above the rest; humility to know that everyone always has something else to learn; curiosity to develop other skills which are the hallmark of a creative and self-reliant core that continually surprises the team with innovation; courage to follow one's convictions with a policy of it being better to 'ask forgiveness than permission.'

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Working with subsurface disciplines and proportionality
by Chris Samson from EOG Resources United Kingdom Ltd

"All in all, good topics, good presentation and lots of interest. The opportunity to meet other professionals and discuss the items presented in the casual atmosphere usually results in follow-up discussions. Keep it up."

Brian Hepp (Rocky Mountain Limited)


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