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Liberty Drilling Equipment

The name Liberty Drilling Equipment represents the roots of her founders; The Liberty ships were the first cargo vessels built in mass production during the early 40's of the last century to maintain the cargo capacity, to fulfil the demand for overseas transportation, to the required levels.

The founders built their career in the Oil Industry within a company specialised in well construction equipment. Together the team have 70 years experience and expertise on all aspects of constructing wells, in surface and subsea applications.

The principles for our services and product lines are based on the same philosophy that was used to build the Liberty ships; to turn a complex product like a cargo vessel, a niche product, into a standardized product designed for and build in mass production and practically turn it into a commodity. Its simplicity was the success which forms the core of our business.

The / symbol represents a well diagram, the basis for every well design, and at the same time acts as the funnel to lead market opportunities that are in the air, into cost effective solutions.

LDE provides representation for manufacturers who are not located in our area of activities but are technically competitive and would, together, contribute to the market.

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