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Landmark Exploration Insights (formerly Neftex), is a product family within Landmark, a business line of Halliburton. We specialise in the collation, integrations and interpretation of large geoscience dataset and the delivery of these as subsurface models. We are recognised as industry leaders in the provision of web-based sequence stratigraphic products and their global application. Our integrated global geological database - the Neftex Earth Model delivers data, knowledge and insight to help our clients better understand geological risk in their exploration and investment activities.

James Etienne - Managing Director

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Thomas Jewell - Exploration Insights Champion - Middle East, Europe, Eurasia & Africa
Thomas Jewell joined Neftex in early 2011 as a geoscientist in the North American Arctic team. Following this, he joined the Eastern Former Soviet Union team and is now the Product Manager and is tasked with leading the geoscience of the region.
Thomas has a 2.1 MSci degree in Geology and Geophysics from Imperial College London. His thesis focussed on whether fluvial style and architecture can
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Dr James Scotchman - Geoscientist for the Middle East
James Scotchman joined Neftex in late 2012 as a geoscientist in the Middle East team where he focussed upon Silurian stratigraphy. Since late 2013 he joined the Consultancy team where he works on an array of projects integrating client data with the unique Neftex Earth Model. James has a doctorate from University College London which focussed upon the timing of submarine-fan deposition within the
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Oliver Morris - Technical Manager
Oliver Morris, is a member of the executive committee at Neftex Petroleum Consultants Limited, in Abingdon, UK where he leads the Technical Services team. Since joining Neftex over six years ago, he has been responsible for product delivery to a wide range of oil and gas companies globally. He also manages in-house database development. Previously, he worked for an Environmental Engineering compan
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Kieran Bowen - Geoscientist, 3D Module
Kieran Bowen joined Neftex in 2012 as part of the Petroleum Systems team, learning source rock geochemistry whilst building the petroleum systems database. In 2013 he joined the 3D team where he focused on the construction of regional depth maps in Sub-Saharan Africa and has since been one of the contributors to the construction of regional depth maps in other regions. Kieran has an MSci from the
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Kathleen Gould - Regional Geoscientist
Kathleen joined Neftex in early 2012 working as a regional geoscientist for the Sub-Saharan Africa team. She has previously worked for the Geological Survey of Canada, Imperial Oil and as a sedimentologist on the play fairway analysis project of offshore eastern Canada with Saint Mary’s University and the Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia. Although primarily a petroleum geoscient
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Sarah Laird - Regional Geoscientist
Sarah Laird joined Neftex in 2007 as part of a team working on the regional geology of the Indian Subcontinent. Since 2010 she has worked as a geoscientist with a focus on Europe, with a particular interest in the geology of the North Atlantic and the Adriatic, and presently works as a regional geoscientist with a focus on both large scale global projects and smaller scale regional projects. Sarah
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Daniel Slidel - Geoscientist
Daniel Slidel joined Neftex in 2011 as part of a team working on the regional geology of the Arctic. He has worked as a Geoscientist on the North American Arctic, Eastern Former Soviet Union, and with a focus on the Western Eurasia region. With a particular interest in the geology of the Barents. In 2014 he joined the Play Analysis team and presently works as a Geoscientist with a focus on collati
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Helen Smyth - Geological Consultant
Following a PhD and Postdoc on Indonesian geology with the SE Asia Research Group at Royal Holloway (2001-2006), Helen joined CASP (formerly Cambridge Arctic Shelf Project). At her time at CASP (2007-2013) Helen worked in a variety of Arctic projects, and successfully led research programmes in the Canadian Arctic and Barents Shelf.
Helen joined Neftex in 2014 as part of a team working on an
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Emily Rees - Geoscientist

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Chris Willcox - – Geoscientist, Dynamic Earth Division
Chris Willcox joined Neftex in 2011 as a regional geoscientist in the Europe team and has subsequently worked on the Indian Subcontinent and in the global wells and maps teams. Since early 2014 he has been responsible for the application of the newly updated Neftex Earth Model by interpreting the early Paleozoic sequence stratigraphy of wells and outcrops and paleogeography across much of northern
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Andrew Lavender - head of consultancy
Andrew Lavender joined Neftex in 2006 as a geologist, and since then has been involved in regional geological studies around the globe. His current role is as Consultancy Division Lead, where he works with oil company clients to help them make the most from their datasets and to provide geological insight to augment their exploration activities.
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Sigrun Stanton - Regional Geoscientist

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Owen Sutcliffe - Manager, Exploration Insights

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