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LUX Assure is a division of LUX Innovate Limited.

LUX specialises in delivering robust, highly sensitive and simple to use chemical monitoring technologies for both offshore and onshore use. The novelty of our approach has been recognised by the oil and gas industry and we have won awards for innovation. Our products include technologies for monitoring scale, corrosion and hydrate inhibitors in both water and hydrocarbons.

LUX is a privately owned and funded company, established in 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Our business model focuses on developing new technology in collaboration with operators and service companies, working with them to develop, test and commercialise products. We have collaborative partnerships with companies and research groups worldwide. We usually take on projects at an early stage, where there has been recognition that a problem exists, we then: identify a potential solution, demonstrate proof of concept and conduct laboratory testing before looking to partner with an established company for deployment and commercialisation. As well as conducting research and development, we undertake market research, due diligence and look at how best to protect IP that arises.

Our products draw on our expertise in the life sciences. Most of our technologies use light-based methods which enable the development of rapid, simple and on site products.

The major focus of our work has been on monitoring processes to reduce overall operating costs. We have built close relationships with several industry players to address issues facing the industry and ensure that our technologies meet market needs and expectations. Since embarking on development programmes in this field, LUX Assure has matured a number of projects from conception to field trials at an accelerated rate and developed a strong technology portfolio protected by a number of pending patents.

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