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Established in 1986, and with corporate centres in the UK, today we deliver an unrivalled training and consultancy service throughout the world. It's a service that's truly integrated and incorporates all areas of managing corporate risk including business continuity, crisis and emergency management, and health and safety.

We have over 50 consultants who combine the very latest academic theories with their professional expertise to bring innovative solutions to organisations across all continents and equip your management team with the right skills to manage today's and tomorrow's risks.

Mike Hogan - senior consultant
After an initial career as a journalist with the London Financial Times and economics reporter with the BBC (including editing the famous ‘Panorama’ program), Mike Hogan joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers as head of European media relations, then joined Shell as head of global public relations.

During his time at Shell, 1996 to 2003, Shell ended up involved in two very challenging public debat
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CO2-enabled EOR in the North Sea
by Speaker from from Maersk

"The well-planned order of the high quality presentations, which followed a logical flow, allowing speakers to build directly on what was said in previous talks, greatly enhancing the overall value."

Christian Bukovics (Cygnus Energy Ltd)


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