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Over the past ten years the Oil & Gas Industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in technology to create digital oil fields

This has resulted in the demand to collect data at high volumes resulting in terabytes of data that bury engineers who attempt to analyze that data

As a result the data cannot be easily validated and used effectively by engineers to make decisions that will maximize well production

IO-hub's vision
v IO-hub was formed to solve this challenge

Our RHEA™ toolset is a disruptive technology proven in other industries such as broadcast, satellite imagery and manufacturing

Applying RHEA™ simplifies the approach to eliminate noise inherent in data collected in harsh environments

IO-hub’s approach enables engineers to identify real events in the data stream and tie them to significant occurrences in your well to optimize production

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"press the button now" - making decision making easier for crew using advanced mathematical algorithms to process data
by Hannu Rajaniemi from Thinktank Maths

"Learned about a whole new topic."

Andrew Zolnai ( )


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