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INOVA was formed in March 2010 when BGP and ION Geophysical each contributed land seismic equipment assets to a new and independent joint venture company. INOVA's strengths lie in their ability to develop and support rugged and reliable seismic acquisition equipment that enable geophysical service providers to efficiently design and execute complex seismic acquisition programs on behalf of their E&P customers around the world.

INOVA's offerings encompass three major product lines:

- Land acquisition systems including G3i HD (cable) and Hawk (cableless)
- Land source products including the AHV-IV 364 and 380 series, the Univib small vibe and their new Vib Pro HD source controller
- Digital sensors, including the VectorSeis 3C receiver and the AccuSeis 1C receiver

INOVA's management team perseveres to create a unique 'best of both' culture that draws upon the distinctive attributes of its parent owners' skill sets and operating philosophies. INOVA's technical professionals reflect ION's rich tradition of innovation in land seismic product development, ARAM's philosophy of 'no excuses' customer service, and the practical operating insights BGP has acquired as the world's largest land seismic contractor. This unique blend of insights and capabilities ensure that INOVA's products remain on the cutting-edge of innovation, guided by the practical reality of what contractors require to reliably execute complex seismic programs in the most difficult operating environments.

INOVA is committed to offer 'Best in Class' customer satisfaction. Through a global network of training, repair, and customer support centers, INOVA field service engineers are located in key petroleum centers close to their customers. These field support teams are available twenty four hours/seven days a week/three hundred sixty days a year and willing to go anywhere, anytime to ensure that INOVA's customers are able to complete their acquisition programs safely, on-time, and within budget. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their customers, INOVA's field support teams are united by a common call to action: Together, We Get the Job Done.

Andy Bull - VP, Emerging Technology

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