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Established in the UK since 1973, we provide innovative, reliable and cost-efficient consulting, design and construction services to a broad range of local, national, European and international clients. You benefit from our depth of knowledge and experience, which is supported by an enthusiastic and energetic approach to all that we do.

We act with strong integrity and with care for the environmental impact of our advice. We appreciate and respect the value of multi-faceted backgrounds, experiences and personalities both amongst our people and in our relationships with our clients.

We are proud to be an employee-owned company and we have created a unique culture with pride in ownership, resulting in enduring relationships and long-term organisational stability. Golder professionals take the time to build an understanding of your needs and of the specific environments in which you operate. This enables us to help you achieve your short- and long-term financial, social and environmental goals.

Henry Lang - Client Sector Leader for Oil & Gas
Environmental and geological consultant with over 30 years experience across various sectors and disciplines. Broad experience of provision of environmental and engineering support to Oil and Gas sector globally.
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Robert van Wyngaarden - CEO & President

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Mark Cottrell - Senior Geomechanics Consultant

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Gareth Digges La Touche - Senior Geophysicist

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Sarah White - Europe-Africa Oil and Gas Marketing Manager

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Exploring internationally for unconventional oil and gas
... finding the "sweet spots"
02 Oct 2013

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Impact of Macondo: Do we now know what happened? What does it mean for global exploration?
by David Bamford from Finding Petroleum

"Took the opportunity, to talk to Robert Price about fractured basement and to open discussion as to why is the PI 160 STB/D/PSI: possibly build the case where the basement is in dynamic communication to new YTF onlapping reservoirs."

John Wood (Wood Geoscience Limited)


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