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GeoProvider provides high-quality, cost-effective, matched & merged multi-client data. We utilize the existing seismic and well data, extracting its maximum value and offering our clients the best multi-client product in terms of quality and price.

We broadband re-process seismic data from field tapes, significantly improving overall imaging, resolution and structural definition, delivering outstanding results even on vintage datasets.

Trym Rognmo - project leader for advanced mud-gas and well studies
Trym is project leader for advanced mud-gas and well studies at GeoProvider AS.
In his earlier career with Schlumberger, he gained hands on technical and operational experience as a post-well operations coordinator, providing well data management, QC and technical support. For the past 3 years he has been applying this knowledge to exploration, petroleum system analysis and shows evaluations
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New Geophysical Approaches
machine learning, transferring cloud geoscience data, mud gas analysis, dielectric resonance
30 Apr 2019

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“Pressure regimes in Deep Water areas: Cost and exploration significance”
by Richard Swarbrick from Ikon Science

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