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Geomage provides cutting-edge seismic processing solutions to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Using its innovative, macro-model-independent, Multifocusing(tm) technology, Geomage ensures the highest quality seismic imaging results.

Multifocusing(tm) ensures:

- More knowledge from your data
- Unprecedented imaging sharpness
- Increased field development efficiency

Multifocusing(tm) can be applied without pre-existing knowledge of the subsurface model. The data describes itself, and does not require the construction of user-defined models.

Tamir Tal - Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Tamir Tal is the Chief Operating Officer of Geomage a seismic imaging company where he manages operational execution of company strategy including daily operations, financial transactions and legal issues. Tamir Tal was previously an associate with Peregrine Ventures a leading Israeli venture capital. He also served as Chief Operating Officer at Neovasc Medical Ltd., a cardiovascular medical d
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Evgeny Landa -
Evgeny Landa received a Master degree (1972) in geophysics from Novosibirsk University (USSR) where he worked in geophysical service company as a research geophysicist between 1972-1981. After immigrating to Israel in 1981, Landa started to work for Geophysical Institute of Israel and received his Ph. D. degree in geophysics from Tel Aviv University (1986) . In 1987-1988 and 1989-1990 he worked as
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Panel discussion
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"Excellent presentations and useful case studies."

Richard Walker (Consultant Geophysicist)


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