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About Geoex MCG....
We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts in geoscience, interpretation, operations and marketing with an intimate knowledge of the energy industry.

The core of our activities lies in identifying attractive areas for the exploration of natural energy resources and the design of geoscientific surveys. We procure data suitable for oil & gas exploration, CCUS monitoring, natural hydrogen, solar farms, and more. Contact us for opportunities.

We serve these energy value chains by developing 2D, 3D and hybrid surveys, including data reprocessing, data conditioning and project management. Moreover, we market and sell geophysical data on behalf of energy companies, geophysical contractors and governmental authorities.

Our portfolio of products spans Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific.

Jeniffer Masy - Chief Geoscientist

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The Real Challenges to Building Collaborative Centers
by Charles McFarland from Halliburton Landmark

"6 presentations, all worthy of merit, and good presenters."


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