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Future Energy Partners (FEP) is a unique oil and gas advisory service which prides itself on technical excellence in selected fields and supplementing business management and leadership; in the face of uncertainty.

We offer truthful, professional opinion and advice; no playback of what you already know, and no spin.

FEP was founded by 4 senior industry practitioners who consider the challenges faced by today's oil and gas environment are going to require herculean acts of leadership and technical skill in a transforming, transitioning, industry, in order to maintain an energy supply that is sustainable and even recognisable compared to recent history.

Similarly nations developing an oil and gas industry face related challenges as they seek to maximise the benefits of this new wealth-creating opportunity - in a responsible manner.

Global reach

FEP actively participates in the facilitation and conduct of seminars and webinars worldwide, for example in conjunction with its associate partner Finding Petroleum.

Our presence reaches parts of the globe, such as: the UK, the USA, Sub-Saharan Africa, with partners wherever we work.

Kes Heffer -

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Greg Coleman -
Greg has over 40 years experience in the oil and gas industry including over 30 years experience with BP plc following which he served as CEO of a private equity backed company he co-founded called Canamens and subsequently as CEO of a listed company on the London Stock Exchange called Independent Resources plc subsequently refinanced and renamed now called Echo Energy plc.

At BP, Greg se
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Brian Smart - Director, PetroMall Ltd
Brian Smart is a Director of PetroMall Ltd and an Honorary Professor, Tomsk Polytechnic University Formerly Head of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering and a Vice-Principal at Heriot-Watt University, he is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. His technical interest is in Rock Mechanics.

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Brian Smart, Greg Coleman, Graham Scotton -

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Mike Rego - Independent Consultant
In 2008 Mike oversaw the Kiliwani North gas discovery for Aminex in Tanzania, followed in 2012 by the onshore Ntorya gas discovery in 2012, a Middle Cretaceous discovery estimated at the time to consist of approx. 1.2 Tcf GIIP.

In 2014 Mike resigned from his role as Exploration Director at Aminex and took on the role of Exploration Manager for PICO in Cairo, Egypt, however this only laste
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Colin MacFarlane - Subsea Engineering Consultant

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Petromall Workshop -

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Raj Thamotheram -
Raj Thamotheram, a well-recognised thought-leader in the field of sustainable investing, is President of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets and Executive Director of Preventable Surprises. He led the Responsible Investment team at Universities Superannuation Scheme (where he launched several collaborative initiatives including the Institutional Investor Group for Climate Change, Enhance
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Brian Hepp - Chief Operating Officer
Mr. B.A. (Brian) Hepp has over 30 years of global engineering and operations experience in the upstream petroleum industry. Through his Company Rocky Mountain Limited, Mr. Hepp has been involved in all aspects of field operations and engineering and has assisted in new startup operations in Russia, Azerbaijan, North Africa, Europe and South America for a number of Companies including TNK-BP, Petro
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Petromall - Panel Discussion -

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David Bamford - Director
David Bamford is well known around the oil & gas industry both as an explorer and a geophysicist. He holds a Physics degree from the University of Bristol and a Ph.D in Geological Sciences from the University of Birmingham.

Since 2004, he has been a non-executive director at Tullow Oil plc, being recruited for this position especially for his exploration knowledge. He serves on the Nomina
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Graham Scotton - Director
Graham is a former COO and acting CEO of Dana Petroleum Ltd. Before that he had a long career with BP with his most recent roles being in projects offshore Angola and in the Caspian.
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Stuart Amor -
Stuart has worked at both bulge bracket and regional European investment banks (Credit Suisse, ING and Unicredit). He has followed the global oil and gas sector since graduating from business school over 15 years ago, covering all types of oil and gas companies (including the European majors, Russian oil and gas companies and junior names). Stuart has written the research for several oil and gas e
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David Bamford - Director
David Bamford is well known around the oil & gas industry both as an explorer and a geophysicist. He retired from BP plc in 2003, his last four positions being Chief Geophysicist (1990-1995), Business Unit Leader (General Manager) for first West Africa and then Norway (1995-1999), and finally Head of Exploration until 2003.

He has undertaken asset and company valuation projects for invest
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Christopher Lloyd - Consultant
Christopher was formerly business development manager and strategic project manager with Reef Subsea, an offshore construction and survey company. He was the commercial manager for Reef Subsea for the company's part in the Fife, Fergus, Flora and Angus (FFFA) decommissioning projects. He is an experienced chartered engineer and operations manager having worked for the last 12 years in the North Se
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Graham Scotton & Deb Grubbe - Founders, Director

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Rob Gill - Consultant
Rob Gill is formerly EAME business development manager with Advisian Worley Parsons,
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Andrew McGinn - former Global Manager, Upstream Technology Deployment, Shell
Andy McGinn is considered to be a highly competent geophysicist with vision, drive and good business & leadership skills. His passion for geophysics started to broaden after 2006 to encompass upstream technologies in general. Over the last eight years he successfully managed the implementation and replication of new technology, whether developed by Shell or 3rd parties, into the upstream business
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Speaker from -

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Roberto Bencini - Chartered Petroleum Geologist
Age 63. Chartered Petroleum Geologist since 1992. Technical Director, GA.I.A. srl, since 1999.

He developed a strong international multidisciplinary experience in the energy sector, subsurface aspects, from 1981 with Chevron ( and with Lasmo-ENI (, and from 2002 to 2017 with the Independent Resources Group (now Echo Energy plc,, with part
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Have sponsored the following events

Procurement emissions
How do we make it easier to count and report them?
11 Feb 2022

Geothermal energy 4 - developments in the UK
Mine water heat, carboniferous limestone, research
21 Jan 2022

Lunch'n Think Webinar: The Key to reducing GHG Emissions? Actual Measurements!!
....beginning with ground-based and worn(on PPE) sensors.
29 Oct 2021

Geothermal Energy Case Studies 1: Exploiting newly abandoned or late-life E&P wells
....a sustainable alternative to P&A-ing and walking away!
15 Oct 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: Where are the 'Advantaged Hydrocarbons'?
....easier to say where they are not!
12 Mar 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: Has CCS finally come of age?
.....there is much activity everywhere!
05 Mar 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: Remote operations and digital twins - making them work in practise
"Digital Twins" are a key enabler of Remote Operations
26 Feb 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: Eliminating Methane Emissions & Flaring
....elimination is not a technical problem, the issue is getting into action!
19 Feb 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: Monitoring & Regulation of Methane Emissions
....the technology tools exist to monitor & measure and thus regulate Methane Emissions.
12 Feb 2021

Lunch'n Think Webinar: W(h)ither Exploration
....the demise of Exploration is over reported!
05 Feb 2021

Responsible Investment in Oil & Gas
...the result of clear purpose and sustainable operating
06 Dec 2019

Finding Petroleum in East Africa
Where are the biggest business opportunities and challenges now?
25 Feb 2019

Expert-centric digital technology
how digital technology can be better designed specifically around the needs of its users
24 Jan 2019

Quantifying methane leaks and flares from gas wells and facilities
Establishing a clear picture of methane leaks and flares is a match for the geophysicist skillset
13 Nov 2018

Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa
Building on the success of Kosmos, Tullow and more in West and East Africa
25 Jun 2018

New Geophysical Approaches
Technology deployment - business models - gravity data - broadband seismic - analytics
24 Apr 2018

Understanding Fractured Reservoirs & Rocks the Middle East, West of the Shetlands, the USA.
23 Jan 2018

Solving E&P problems with digitisation
Cloud data management, data engineering, machine learning & analytics
20 Nov 2017

Decommissioning - the D word
Exploring ways to make decommissioning easier to manage
23 Jun 2017

Solving E&P problems with Machine Learning & Analytics
...the key to getting along at $60/bbl!!
21 Nov 2016

Finding New Exploration Ideas
or should we just "give up"?
20 Sep 2016

Decommissioning - the D word!
...a problem or a big opportunity?
07 Jun 2016

Transforming Offshore Operations with Data
New business opportunities by improving production from existing assets & reducing operations costs
27 Jan 2016

Investing in petroleum under a carbon 'cloud'
How can the oil and gas industry work together with climate issues?
19 Nov 2015

Finding Enough Oil & Gas in NW Europe
An expert update on NW Europe E+P potential- offshore, margins and unconventionals
12 Mar 2015

Getting Developments Right?
....done on time, on budget, as promised!
10 Dec 2014

Performance Excellence
....remains a challenge in our industry
12 Jun 2014

Oil in North West Europe
.......will independence of supply just be a mirage?
23 Jan 2014

Finding opportunities in the Middle East and the Levant be avoided or too good to turn down?
12 Dec 2013

Exploiting deep water fields's not as easy as explorers think!
19 Sep 2013

North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean - an exploration "Spring"?
or are we headed into deepest "Winter"
12 Feb 2013

Developments with reservoir management
Techniques for improving reservoir management
22 Jan 2013

The North Atlantic - where are the big fields hiding?
Understanding the North Atlantic opportunity
30 Oct 2012

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