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Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services

Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services was formed in 2008 through the merger of Fugro Robertson (formerly Fugro LCT Gravity & Magnetic Services) and the petroleum division of Fugro Airborne Surveys. Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services works with Fugro Airborne Surveys for airborne acquisition services, Fugro Ground Geophysics for land geophysical acquisition services and Fugro Robertson for geophysical studies. With a staff of over 100, Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services operates from 8 offices worldwide.

Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services specializes in low level remote sensing technologies and collects, processes and interprets airborne geophysical data as it is related to the subsurface of the earth and the sea bed. The data and map products produced have been an essential element of exploration programs for the oil & gas industry for over 50 years. Engineers, scientists and others with a need to map the earth's subsurface geology use Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services for production and development and engineering solutions. From mapping oil and gas deposits to exploration, Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services designs surveys dedicated to specific targets and field development needs. State-of-the-art geophysical systems and techniques ensure that clients receive the highest quality survey data and interpretations.

Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services in conjunction with Fugro Airborne Surveys acquires electromagnetic, magnetic, radiometric and gravity data from a wide range of fixed wing (airplane) and helicopter platforms. Depending on the geophysical mapping needs of the client, we can provide airborne land or marine systems capable of collecting one or more of these types of data concurrently. The company offers turnkey solutions and provides all data acquisition, processing, interpretation and final reports. These services are supported by:

Our highly experienced field crews
Our strong commitment to safety
Our unrivalled depth of experience
Our extensive research and development programs
Our experienced geophysicists and geologists

With offices and operations spanning the globe, Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services can position systems where they are needed when they are needed.

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