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Tight spaces. Sensitive environments. Harsh conditions. Elusive hydrocarbons. We know what you're up against. For over 30 years, FairfieldNodal has developed, manufactured and put to the test exclusive nodal seismic data systems and technology that help clients around the globe streamline operations and achieve more definitive answers with less risk. On land and at sea.

While we're known for our vast library of non-exclusive data in the Gulf of Mexico, we've also become the preeminent pros in node technology as a result. Our proprietary ZNodal technology is behind everything we do, and we do a lot. Count on FairfieldNodal for products, services and people prepared to help you tackle any terrain and marine depth.

Chris Walker - Chief Geophysicist
Chris holds as BSC(Hons) First Class in Physics from the New University of Ulster and a PhD in Marine Geophysics from Durham University.

Chris's current role is with Fairfield Nodal, where he works as the Chief Geophysicist for Data Acquisition.

In addition to his company and industry responsibilities, Chris has authored numerous technical publications and presentations.

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